The Power Rangers Discover the Body of the Poerful Red Emissary

In Power Rangers, the Omega Rangers have finally found the only person who can truly help them, and they are far too late.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Power Rangers #4 by Ryan Parrott, Francesco Mortarino, Raúl Angulo and Ed Dukeshire, on sale now.

The Power Rangers have dealt with some incredible threats throughout the years, and the stakes remain ever-rising with an army of world-ending monsters just over the horizon. As bad as things are, the Rangers have dealt with far worse situations before, and they have always prevailed over whatever comes their way — even if they needed a helping hand from time to time. For now, the best help that the Omegas have is Drakkon, but getting to him has cost the team their greatest allies.

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If there was ever a time to recruit an ally, this would be it. But in Power Rangers #4, the team discover the corpse of one of their most powerful allies, the Red Emissary.

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The Omega Rangers have just stepped out of one nightmare and into another, having just arrived at a broken and twisted version of their own hometown of Angel Grove. As the skyscrapers are crumbling all throughout the city and the rubble gently floats through the air, Jason, Trini and Zack wonder if Drakkon hasn’t led them into a trap of some kind. This is the artificial world that Drakkon created for himself — the one that eventually became his prison. It’s also the place where the Red Emissary was killed, and that’s exactly why they’ve come here. Unfortunately, they also have Drakkon’s former jailers to deal with. The three giant spectral beasts, manifestations of the Morphin Grid’s energy, have no intention of letting the team escape. When a massive tiger catches their scent, it sends the group scattering in different directions, leading Jason to an abandoned building where he comes across just what they were looking for.

The Three Emissaries, mysterious beings who act on behalf of the Morphin Masters, have long been some of the most powerful allies to the Power Rangers. The Blue Emissary founded the Omega Rangers and imbued them with their abilities and setting them out among the stars to protect the universe. The Blue Emissary was murdered by Kiya, the former Blue Omega Ranger, after she became convinced that the Rangers were setting up their world’s Tommy Oliver to become the next Lord Drakkon and turned against the team. As Drakkon tells it, the Red Emissary was torn to pieces by an Empyreal when it arrived on his prison world.

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Back on their ship, Xi pieces back together the remains of the Red Emissary , but something is missing. A giant piece of the Red Emissary’s torso missing, seemingly taken by the Empyreal as a trophy or perhaps as a means to keep the Emissary from returning. If the Empyreals — and by extension Dark Specter himself — are worried about the Emissaries meddling, this might be a way for the Rangers to strike back at the ever-looming terror before it is directly on top of them.

After realizing they can follow the signature of the Red Emissary to find the rest of their corpse, the Omegas are back on the move — though where they’re headed is still a mystery. Hopefully, they’ll be able to piece back together one of their strongest allies completely, assuming they don’t have to wrest it from the clutches of an enemy they don’t even know how to fight.

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