The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Sets Up a Huge Reveal in Episode 4

Warning: This piece contains spoilers for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

The Falcon and Winter Soldier episode 3 dives deeper into the story of the Power Broker. Although Power Broker’s identity isn’t revealed yet, he has played a major part in making Flag Smashers who they are. The new episode also shows what Helmut Zemo and Sharon Carter have been up to.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 3 Recap

The third episode starts with Bucky Barnes helping Baron Zemo escape prison to gather more intel on HYDRA. Although Sam Wilson doesn’t approve this right away, Barnes convinces him that they need to do whatever they can to stop the Flag Smashers. Zemo meets them in his garage that is full of vintage cars collected by his family over the years. In one of these cars, Zemo finds a purple mask and a golden gun.

Zemo finds some disguises for Sam and Bucky and takes them to the Wild West of Madripoor. Run by the Power Broker, the cyberpunk-themed Madripoor is a safe haven for illegal activities. They manage to meet Selby, who reveals that Dr. Wilfred Nagel created Super Soldier Serum for the Power Broker. However, the meeting goes south pretty quickly and they end up killing Selby and her guards. After killing Selby, a bounty is placed on Sam, Bucky, and Zemo and several bounty hunters try to assassinate them. Fortunately, Sharon Carter saves them from the bounty hunters.

Sharon Carter has been living in Madripoor, running away from law enforcement after helping Captain America in Civil War. Disconnected from the world, Sharon has been stealing and selling expensive artworks to survive in Madripoor. She manages to get Bucky, Sam, and Zemo in touch with Dr. Wilfred Nagel using her connections in Madripoor. Nagel admits to creating Super Soldier Serum that was stolen by Karli Morgenthau, the leader of Flag Smashers. After finding out that Nagel doesn’t have more supplies of Super Soldier Serum, Zemo shoots him and they somehow manage to escape Madripoor with the intel they got.

Meanwhile, Karli grieves after Donya Madani’s death and later teams up with other Flag Smashers members to attack a Global Repatriation Council location and steal their supplies. Later, John Walker finds out what happened during Zemo’s escape and believes that Bucky might have helped him. At the end of the episode, Bucky meets Ayo, who has been tracking them to kill Zemo as he was responsible for the death of T’Chaka. It will be interesting to see how Bucky handles this situation as he needs Zemo’s help to bring down the Flag Smashers.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 4 Theories

While the latest episode sheds light on the origins of the Flag Smashers’ superhuman abilities, it has kept many things mysterious. Here are the questions and theories we have about The Falcon and The Winter Soldier episode 4:

The Identity of Power Broker

Although the latest episode mentions Power Broker several times, it doesn’t give any hints about his identity. Since it’s unlikely for a series to keep one of the antagonists off-screen for three episodes, some theories suggest that Sharon or Zemo could be the Power Broker. However, Emily VanCamp, who plays Sharon Carter, has seemingly debunked this theory during an interview with Variety. VanCamp said, “The Power Broker could be anybody. Also, there are several characters that have yet to be seen. So, I mean, I can’t say anything.” This suggests The Falcon and The Winter Soldier hasn’t revealed all of the characters yet. It should also be noted that writer Derek Kolstad has previously said that the series will bring back some of the earliest MCU movie characters in an evolved form. One of these earlier characters could be the Power Broker.

What is Sharon Carter planning?

After Zemo, Bucky, and Sam escape Madripoor, Sharon can be seen telling one of her assistants that they need deal with “two problems.” These problems could be Bucky and Sam, the death of Nagel, Power Broker, or the Flag Smashers. It would be interesting to see how she leaves her life in Madripoor behind and returns to the US. Before that, she definitely has some unfinished business to handle.

John Walker’s transformation into an antagonist

John Walker is getting increasingly desperate for leads to track down the Flag Smashers. After finding out that Sam and Wilson would rather work with Zemo than with him, he might try to pull off something shady to bring down Sam and Bucky. Since he knows that Bucky helped Zemo escape from prison, he will use it as leverage over Sam and Bucky to gather information about the Flag Smashers.

Do Flag Smashers have additional Super Soldier Serum?

Dr. Nagel reveals that Karli has stolen all the Super Soldier Serum vials to create the Flag Smashers. It’s unclear whether the Flag Smashers have used all of these vials. As the Power Broker has no one to make more serum, he will relentlessly pursue the Flag Smashers to get back vials from them.

With so many different characters and subplots, the future episodes of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will definitely be exciting. In episode 4, we can expect these subplots to be tied together for a shocking reveal. As we are halfway through the series already, the next two episodes will be crucial for the narrative of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier episode 4 streams on April 9 on Disney Plus Hotstar Premium.

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