The best Sorceries in Elden Ring


Sorceries have, in Elden Ring, the potential to deplete an enemy’s health bar with only a few casts is well-known. Because of that, using the best ones is your ticket to an easy life in the Land Betweens.

In the vast world of Elden Ring, there are many sorcery spells for you to experiment with. From spectral floating swords that follow enemies to a whole blizzard storm that freezes enemies, you’re certain to find one that fits your playstyle.

To assist you in building up a collection of powerful spells capable of making enemies magically – literally – disappear, we’ve selected the best sorceries in Elden Ring.

The best sorceries in Elden Ring

There are 12 types of Sorceries in Elden Ring, from the blue-light glowing Glintstone Sorceries to the apocalyptical Primeval Sorceries. In each type, there are a variety of spells perfect for different situations and playstyles. But, to make this list, we considered specific aspects.

The first aspect being the ability to cause good damage without spending too much FP. The second being the balance between the risks and rewards offered. And finally, how useful they are for the everyday situations you’ll find yourself in.

Character screenshot from Elden Ring where the Comet Azur sorcery is cast.
Image credit: FromSoftware/Eurogamer

With this brief explanation out of the way, let’s talk about the best sorceries in Elden Ring.

Carian Slicer

Regardless of how well-prepared a mage you are, you can’t always avoid enemies getting close and putting yourself at risk. Although, with the the Carian Slicer sorcery, close-combat doesn’t always have to be so dangerous. By using this spell, you perform a sweeping slash attack with a magic sword with a cost of only 4 FP. The animation is fast enough for you to finish annoying dogs or jumping weird lizards within the tunnels of Leyndell without too much trouble.

Carian Slicer deserves a place among the best sorceries in Elden Ring because of the versatility it offers for characters who have mainly focused on using spells to hit enemies from afar. While there are other spells with a similar effect, none of them have a good balance in terms of cost and damage like the Carian Slicer. To learn this spell, you need to deliver the Royal House Scroll to Miriel, Seluvis or Seluvis, who can then teach you Carian Slicer for 1,500 runes.

Magma Shot

A universal truth in Elden Ring is that fire damage is extremely powerful. Besides a few bosses, most major enemies in the game are weak to or at least take decent damage whenever they are hit with a fire-based attack or spell. Among the options of sorceries capable of causing fire damage, Magma Shot is the best one.

When using this spell, you need to get closer to enemies than you would usually intend. Even so, the damage potential compensates for the risky position you might find yourself in. To use this sorcery, you only need 10 Faith and 19 Intelligence, figures you can quickly achieve by picking a good starting class. With the points allocated, you just need to get the Magma Shot as a reward from Tanith in Volcano Manor.

Character screenshot from Elden Ring casting a spell
Image credit: FromSoftware/Eurogamer

Comet Azur

Most players when considering playing a mage picture a scene where they obliterate enemies with an overpower spell. This is exactly what Comet Azur does, an over-the-top beam of magical energy that requires 60 Intelligence, 3 slots and an initial cost of 40 FP. Regardless of how absurd this late-game sorcery might seem, it is a fantastic spell to have.

The best use for Comet Azur is when you’re facing bosses or large enemies from a distance, and where their AI can’t avoid it well. This spells has a long cast, so you don’t want to use it against regular enemies. But, by channelling a maximised Comet Azur, you can take a great chunk of these enemies’ health bar with this magical nuke. Since some AIs respond only to the inital cast command, they won’t move out of the spell once you finish casting it. To acquire this sorcery, you need to progress in the Sorceress Sellen quest and talk to the wizard Azur.

Shard Spiral

With Shard Spiral, you can easily face Elden Ring’s large selection of giant enemies who can easily step on you, making the “You Died” screen pop up fairly soon if you don’t kill them as quickly as possible. This spell shoots two magic beams that pierce through the bodies of the enemies, damaging them during their trajectory.

The constant damage potential of the Shard Spiral spell only gets better because it costs 14 FP. Another positive aspect is that you can use it early in the game since it only requires 27 Intelligence. To equip this spell, buy it from Sorceress Sellen for 8,000 runes.

Rock Sling

Sometimes, the most appropriate response to a tough fight is to fight harder until you beat it. The Rock Sling spell is the best tool for you to put enemies down to their knees. We’re not kidding! This magic sends flying rocks toward the enemy, dealing Stance Damage. By using this ability, you might break a boss stance, giving you the window needed to cast a powerful finishing sorcery spell.

Because of how the AI works in Elden Ring, many enemies tend to dodge an ability based on when you cast them. However, Rock Sling’s projectiles take a few seconds before flying toward enemies, hitting them without too much trouble. Besides, it only costs 18 FP and requires 18 Intelligence to use. You can find this spell in a chest north of the Street of Sages ruins in Caelid.

Ranni screenshot from Elden Ring showing the character
Image credit: FromSoftware/Eurogamer

Ranni’s Dark Moon

Different from all the other spells in this list, when running a spellcaster, Ranni’s Dark Moon is must-have, not because of its direct damage, but because of everything else it offers instead. This spell sends a floating orb towards enemies that explodes upon impact. Foes hit by this spell, besides taking magic damage and building Frostbite up, they also receive a reduction on magic damage negation. In other words, this is a strong debuff that assists you in causing more damage with your other spells.

Ranni’s Dark Moon is not meant to be the main source of damage in your spell rotation, but an effective opener that debuffs enemies for one minute. Recasting it during combat is not easy though, so think of it as a tool for specific moments in encounters. To acquire this late-game spell, which requires 68 Intelligence, you need to start Ranni’s quest to open the Chelona’s Rise tower, where you’ll find Ranni’s Dark Moon in a chest.

Have a good time collecting all these powerful sorceries in Elden Ring


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