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The Team Star crews in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are a key component to the “Starfall Street” story and quest line. In some cases, the crews will even stop you from progressing into the next zone unless you can beat them. For this reason, it’s not likely you’ll be skipping the entire story even if you are only interested in gym badges or defeating titans.

In this Team Star guide we will cover each of the 5 Starfall Street Crews, the Pokemon they will use including their weaknesses, and even show gameplay of the encounter for you to be as well prepared as possible for your journey.


Team Star Order for Starfall Street Story Line

Although you do not need to defeat the Team Star crews in any particular order, you will find it easiest to take them down in the following order. The order is based on the level of the Pokemon in their party:

  1. Dark Crew (Giacomo): Levels 20-21
  2. Fire Crew (Mela): Levels 26-27
  3. Poison Crew (Atticus): Levels 32-33
  4. Fairy Crew (Ortega): Levels 50-51
  5. Fighting Crew (Eri): 55-56

What To Do In Team Star Encounters

At each Team Star location, you will likely have to engage in some chit chat before hand, then battle someone outside of the compound. After winning the easy Pokemon battle, you should head back to the Pokecenter and heal your Pokemon, then head back to the Team Star base. Ring the bell in front of the base, and you will be brought inside.

Inside the base, you will have 10 minutes to defeat 30 Pokemon using the “Let’s Go!” mechanic. Complete this by running around and tapping the “R” button on your controller to send one of your first 3 Pokemon from your party out at the enemy Pokemon. This part of the fight is incredibly easy and should pose no challenge to you if you are appropriately leveled for the encounter.

If you do run into any issues with your Pokemon health, you can use the vending machines you see inside the base to heal them.

Once the 30 Pokemon are defeated, you will engage in a battle with the team leader. Don’t worry, your Pokemon will still have the same full health they came into the base with prior to the 30 Pokemon event.

How To Beat Dark Crew Leader Giacomo

The Dark Crew Leader has only 1 Pokemon and a Starmobile. His Pokemon are of the Dark type, so bring Bug, Fairy, and Fighting Pokemon to make it easier on yourself. After you beat him you will receive the Foul Play TM62. The Pokemon (and order) he will use are:

  1. Level 21 Pawniard: Dark + Steel Type
  2. Level 20 Revaroom (The Segin Starmobile): Dark Type

Here is footage of the Dark Crew event and battle:

How To Beat Fire Crew Leader Mela

The Fire Crew Leader again has only 1 Pokemon and the Starmobile. Bring Ground, Rock, and Water type Pokemon to defeat her with ease. After you beat Mela you will receive the Flame Charge TM38. The Pokemon (and order) she will use are:

  1. Level 27 Torkoal: Fire Type
  2. Level 26 Revaroom (The Schedar Starmobile): Fire Type

Here is footage of the Fire Crew battle:

How To Beat Poison Crew Leader Atticus

The Poison Crew Leader has 3 Pokemon plus the Starmobile. Bring Ground and Psychic type Pokemon to help you defeat the poison crew, especially if you were like us and accidently skipped one of the first 2 crews, it might be a difficult battle! After you beat Atticus you will receive the Gunk Shot TM102, as very powerful Poison attack we recommend you use! The Pokemon Atticus will use may differ in order, they are:

  1. Level 32 Skuntank: Poison + Dark Type
  2. Level 32 Muk: Poison Type
  3. Level 33 Revaroom: Steel + Poison Type
  4. Level 32 Revaroom (The Navi Starmobile): Poison Type

Here is footage of the Poison Crew event and battle:

How To Beat Fairy Crew Leader Ortega

The Fairy Crew Leader has 3 Pokemon plus the Starmobile. Bring Poison and Steel type Pokemon to help you defeat the Fairy crew. After you beat Ortega you will receive the Dazzling Gleam TM79. The Pokemon he will use may differ in order, they are:

  1. Level 50 Azumarill: Water + Fairy Type
  2. Level 50 Wigglytuff: Normal + Fairy Type
  3. Level 51 Dachsbun: Fairy Type
  4. Level 50 Revaroom (The Ruchbah Starmobile): Fairy Type

Here is footage of the Fairy Crew event and battle:

How To Beat Fighting Crew Leader Eri

The Fighting Crew Leader has 4 Pokemon plus the Starmobile. Bring Fairy, Flying, and Psychic type Pokemon to defeat the Fighting crew. After you beat Eri you will receive the Close Combat TM167. The Pokemon Eri will use may differ in order, they are:

  1. Level 55 Toxicroak: Poison + Fighting Type
  2. Level 56 Annihilape: Fighting + Ghost Type
  3. Level 55 Passiman: Fighting Type
  4. Level 55 Lucario: Fighting + Steel Type
  5. Level 56 Revaroom (The Caph Starmobile): Fighting Type

Here is footage of the Fighting Crew event and battle:

What To Do After Beating All 5 Star Crew Leaders



Now it is time to head back to the Academy in Mesagoza to fight Cassiopeia, the person who has been helping you track down the Star Crews all along. First, you will have to fight Director Clavell.

Directory Clavell will have the following 6 Pokemon:

  1. Level 60 Organguru: Normal + Psychic Type
  2. Level 60 Abomasnow: Grass + Ice Type
  3. Level 60 Gyrados: Water + Flying Type
  4. Level 60 Polteageist: Ghost Type
  5. Level 60 Amoongus: Grass + Poison Type
  6. One of the 3 starter Pokemon’s final evolutions at level 61
    1. Meowscarada: Grass + Dark Type (If you chose Quaquaval)
    2. Quaquaval: Water + Fighting Type (If you chose Skeledirge)
    3. Skeledirge: Fire + Ghost Type (If you chose Meowscarada)

Once you beat Professor Clavell, he will ask you to go to the Academy’s schoolyard at night. You should make sure your Pokemon are fully healed, then you can head there. Go to the schoolyard by entering the Academy, opening the navigation terminal, and selecting “Schoolyard”.

Beat Cassiopeia: Final Team Star Battle

Big surprise here… You remember that girl that kept showing up RIGHT AFTER every single Team Star battle? Surprise, surprise, she was Cassiopeia all along!

Casseopeia, otherwise known as Penny thus far, will come at you with 6 different types of Pokemon, so you won’t have just one strategy of stacking one or two types.

Penny / Cassiopeia’s Pokemon will consist of the following team, and may appear in any order depending on how the fight is going:

  1. Level 62 Flareon: Fire Type
  2. Level 62 Vaporeon: Water Type
  3. Level 62 Umbreon: Dark Type
  4. Level 62 Leafeon: Grass Type
  5. Level 62 Jolteon: Electric Type
  6. Level 63 Sylveon: Fairy Type

Bring a balanced Pokemon party to defeat each of these Pokemon, and be sure to swap in and our which Pokemon you are using to take advantage of their weaknesses.


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