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The Death Knight

This is a build that focuses on dishing out the maximum amount of burst damage. What we are trying to do is use some powerful area of effect skills to deal the highest possible damage, as fast we can. Of course, we are going to use the Death Knight for this one.

Death Knight
+50000 body mass
-10% cast frequency modifier
+90% movement speed modifier
+30% area modifier
Unable to use Dash
Immune to Stun

Let’s take a lot at the runes and skills we are going to use.


For Arcane Mastery, “Magic Missiles” is essential because it applies “Brittle“. As for the other skills, you want to get something with “Exposed“. The reason for this is that “Exposed” increases direct damage taken by 10% per stack for 6 seconds. Bonus is proportional to the base damage (pre-damage modifier) caused by each attack. A good choice would be “Arcane Beam“.

The other skills that you should look for if you decide to follow this build are the following:

  • Bloodlust
  • Carnage
  • Chromatic Bolt
  • Summon Helper Elves


When it comes to the upgrades, the area of effect is generally a good one always. With that said, you want to prioritize hp whenever you can because of how the “Recklessness” mechanic works. The more missing hp you have, the higher your damage output. Multi-cost and cost frequency are also good choices. If you cannot get Arcane Skills, Bladestorm is a good option, especially if you get it early on.


The Chaoswalker

There have been a lot of changes when it comes to chaos skills over time. Currently, they are in a pretty good place, especially skills such as Chaos Bomb and Chaos Totem. These are exactly the skills we are going to use in the following build. Our character of choice is naturally the Chaoswalker.

Soulstone Survivor Best Builds - Death Knight
-20 maximum health
+10% critical damage chance
+20% damage modifier
-20 extra health per crystal
+20% area modifier


This build requires you to move around fast. For that, you want to be nimble, going in and out of enemies’ range, luring them and letting your Chaos Totem and Chaos Bomb do the rest. You can try out the other chaos skills for sure, but these two are what this build is all about.


About the upgrades, pretty much anything with multi-cast is good, especially early on in the game when you still lacking. “Agile” is an excellent choice also. As we’ve mentioned above, you want to be able to move fast in and out of the enemies’ range. If RNG is on your side, Swift is an excellent choice as it provides another layer of protection.


The Hound Master

This is a Hound Master build that can clear Curse 7 rather easily. Even though bleed is an important mechanic, the build takes advantage of various skills. We are going to focus on multi-cast and cast frequency for the most part because the skills that we are going to use have somewhat long cooldowns. Anyway, let’s break it down.

Hound Master
Soulstone Survivor Best Builds - Death Knight
-40 maximum health +15% damage modifier -10% movement speed modifier +10 extra health per crystal +20% area modifier


Skills that provide ‘blast’ and ‘weakness’ are strong for this build. Lightning Bolt especially early on is a great option because it has high base damage. Once you can you should get Dazed.Chromatic Orb Even though it was nerfed a little bit, it still synergizes very well with the “Generalist” rune and it can provide a fair amount of damage to the build. Skills that can help you out with movement are good additions. For example Agile or Swift.


With this build you do hope for some good RNG. If you get it right, this build can be robust, obviously. On the other hand, you know how the game sometimes can be. Anyhow, what you want to focus on for this build is cooldown reduction. The more you can get the better. And of course, multi-cast is very important.


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