Secure chat app Signal is now testing a privacy-focused payments feature

These days people are getting more and more privacy-focused features in apps, and in general, on mobile devices. Signal, a chat app that became popular abruptly after WhatsApp’s privacy scandal, is known for its privacy and security-centric features and interface. Now, XDA-Developers report the app is working on another feature: privacy-focused payments.

Signal is now testing privacy-focused payments in the app

The new payment system will reportedly use a payment protocol called MobileCoin, which offers a digital wallet and a cryptocurrency called MOB. Right now, the new feature is available for testing only in the UK, but we expect it will also be available for the US.

The new feature is present in the latest Signal beta update, and allows users to link a MobileCoin wallet to the app and make transactions. Additionally, a simple interface helps you track your balance and transaction history.

MobileCoin is designed in such a way that Signal will not have access to any of your payment info, transactions, and any other private information related to payment. On top of that, Signal says in a blog post that the funds can be transferred at any time if you want to switch to another app or service.

If you want to test the new feature, you can sign up for the beta program from here. Keep in mind the payment feature is now only available in the UK and will be available globally soon, although we don’t have a clear date at the moment.

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