Resurrected Terror Zone Tracker is a Key Tool Following the Big 2.5 Update


The latest Diablo II: Resurrected update, version 2.5, has dropped, and as we detailed previously, the big new addition is Terror Zones. Basically, every hour an area will be beset by higher-level enemies than you’d normally face, providing an additional challenge and chance to scoop up some extra XP and higher-level loot. Here’s how Blizzard describes them…

“When playing a Terror Zone-enabled game, every hour, the armies of the Burning Hells will focus on specific zones, terrorizing them. The monsters in these zones will be at least two levels higher than your current level or their original level, up to a maximum per difficulty. The experience received and the loot dropped by killing a terrorized monster will be based on this new level. In addition, terrorized monsters will also grant additional experience points.”

But how do you keep track of which zones are currently being terrorized? Look no further than the Terror Zone Tracker, a fan-sourced tool developed by Redditor Prowner1. It tells you what the current Terror Zone is, how long it will last, what immunities are in play, and more. You can also subscribe to be notified when a favorite zone is being terrorized. You can access the Terror Zone Tracker by popping over to this site or running /terrorized in the in-game chat.

In addition to Terror Zones, which you can read more about here, Diablo II: Resurrected also offers new Sundering Charms and, of course, Ladder Season 2. Get more details, below.

New Sundering Charms

“In Hell difficulty, many monsters receive resistance to specific damage types. If their resistance increases above 100%, that monster is then immune to a specific damage type. Because there are only a handful of ways to reduce a monster’s immunity, only a minute portion of hero builds can successfully farm all zones in Diablo II: Resurrected. We realize that this can create scenarios where certain builds are unable to take full advantage of the current Terror Zone, thus missing out on the experience gains, and most importantly, the fun of these zones.

To promote increased class build diversity, we have introduced six Sundering Charms that allow the player to break specific monster immunity types while the charm is in their inventory. Once Ladder Season Two begins on October 6, Sundering Charms will be a possible drop for new Ladder characters. These new unique charms will only drop from Terrorized monsters of Champion, Unique, Superunique, or Boss difficulty. If a monster has immunity to a specific damage type, their resistance will be reduced to 95% regardless of what their starting resistance percentage was—breaking their immunity and allowing damage of that type to be dealt to them.”

The Black Cleft

  • Monster Magic Immunity is Sundered
  • Magic Resist –45% to -65%

The Bone Break

  • Monster Physical Immunity is Sundered
  • Physical Damage Received Increased by 10% to 30%

The Cold Rupture

  • Monster Cold Immunity is Sundered
  • Cold Resist –70% to -90%

The Crack of the Heavens

  • Monster Lightning Immunity is Sundered
  • Lightning Resist –70% to -90%

The Flame Rift

  • Monster Fire Immunity is Sundered
  • Fire Resist –70% to -90%

The Rotting Fissure

  • Monster Poison Immunity is Sundered
  • Poison Resist –70% to -90%

Ladder Season Two

“Ladder Season Two will begin on October 6, ushering in a new opportunity for brave heroes to race to level 99 and amass powerful loot along the way. This will also be the first Ladder Season with Terror Zones! Can you handle the increased ferocity of the Burning Hells, or will you perish under their amplified might? We cannot wait to see how Terror Zones will influence the leaderboard, or hopefully, allow new players the opportunity to see their name on it for the first time.”

Ladder Season Two Launch Timing:

North America  


  • October 7, 2:00 a.m. CEST


Of course, Diablo II: Resurrected ver. 2.5 also includes a long list of fixes and minor tweaks. You can check out the full, unabridged patch notes, right here.

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Diablo II: Resurrected can be played on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Switch. Update 2.5 is available to download right now.

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