Real One, From Hell, and More

It’s almost new comic book day, which means new releases hitting stores and digital platforms. Each week in The Weekly Pull, the team highlights the new releases that have us the most excited about another week of comics. Whether those releases are from the most prominent publisher or a small press, brand new issues of ongoing series, original graphic novels, or collected editions of older material, whether it involves capes and cowls or comes from any other genre, if it has us excited about comic books this week, then we’re going to tell you about it in The Weekly Pull.

This week, DC’s Future State winds down in Future State: Dark Detective #4, the X-Men emerge from the Vault, and The Magnificent Ms. Marvel comes to an end. Also, we get some stellar new reprints of Crisis on Multiple Earths and From Hell, an OGN for Nubia, a new Marvel Voices one-shot, and new series like Stray Dogs.

What comics are you most excited about this week? Let us know which new releases you’re looking forward to reading in the comments, and feel free to leave some of your suggestions as well. Check back tomorrow for our weekly reviews and again next week for a new installment of The Weekly Pull.

Batman: White Knights Presents: Harley Quinn #5

(Photo: DC)
  • Written by Katana Collins
  • Art by Matteo Scalera
  • Published by DC Comics

Harley Quinn has proved herself vital to the GTO’s hunt for Starlet, but it’s put her in harm’s way. That is likely not going to change if she continues down this heroic path, and she’s presented with a quite difficult choice, made all the more difficult thanks to a certain Dark Knight’s actions. Writer Katana Collins continues to create one of the most compelling versions of Harley to date, and artist Matteo Scalera’s artwork is as stylish as it is gorgeous, making for a one-of-a-kind Harley adventure that deserves not to be missed. — Matthew Aguilar


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