Practice Tests Involve: Crucial Details of ExamSnap Microsoft AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification Exam


Nowadays, you may have got used to the innumerable talks about Cloud computing and how much it is changing the organizations. The IT firms have realized the power of Cloud and are eager to make the most of it. Microsoft Azure is one of the most sorts after Cloud technologies, making the demand for the professionals within this domain increase tremendously.

The ExamSnap AZ-900 Free PDF and its Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification is a starting point for those individuals who want to prove that they have basic knowledge of Cloud technologies. Keep reading to learn about the prerequisites, target audience, and key details of the test.

Exam Prerequisites

There are no special prerequisites for those seeking to take Microsoft AZ-900. However, if this is your first time interacting with ExamSnap MS Azure, you will have to undertake the relevant training associated with the exam. This test requires that the potential candidates demonstrate their foundational knowledge of Cloud services offered by Microsoft Azure. The target audience for this exam is the beginners in Cloud-based solutions or those who are new to Azure. Passing the AZ-900 certification test is an excellent opportunity to prove your understanding of Cloud concepts, Azure workloads, Azure services, as well as privacy & security in Azure. You also need to perform a grasp of Azure support and Azure pricing. As you sit for this exam, you are expected to possess general knowledge of the concepts, such as compute, storage, networking, application development, and application support. Obtaining the associated certificate is an important starting point to venturing into an Azure specialty. However, it is not a prerequisite to any of the specialties.

Exam Details

The Exam Collection AZ-900 Free PDF Fundamentals certification exam is designed to cover a wide range of skills that are listed below. Each of the sections mentioned is often assigned a percentage weight and contributes to the total number of asked questions based on the weight. The applicants will be tested on the following expertise:

  • Understanding the Cloud concepts
  • Understanding the core Azure services
  • Describing the core solutions and managing tools on Azure
  • Servicing the Level Agreements & cost management in Azure
  • Understanding the features, privacy, governance, and identity
  • Understanding the general network security features

Microsoft AZ-900 costs $99 and this sum does not vary based on an individual’s location as is the case with most other Microsoft exams. However, the test is currently on offer, so you can schedule it for $15 if you are a job seeker affected by COVID-19. The students can also register for it for free via ExamSnap Certiport.

The candidates are typically asked 40 to 60 questions and required to answer all of them within 85 minutes. As far as grading is concerned, some of the questions may be non-scored and are only asked to test the effectiveness of the exam. The total score the learners can achieve is 1000 points, while the passing score is capped at 700 marks. As a smart student, there is no need to aim for all the scores. Plan your studying in a way that you will get the target. The test is available in many languages, such as English, Japanese, German, French, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish.


Microsoft AZ-900 is a fundamental exam aimed at verifying your basic understanding of key Cloud concepts. Even though this is not a prerequisite for the specialty Azure tests, it is a good starting point for those seeking to launch a career in Cloud computing.

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