Persona 4 Golden: Dojima Residence Guide


The Dojima residence is where the protagonist is staying for their year in Inaba. Here’s everything there is to do on your nights at home.

Upon arriving in Inaba, the setting of Persona 4 Golden, the player is greeted by the Dojimas, Ryotaro, and Nanako. The player will be staying with them for the next calendar year of the game and will end up spending most of the evenings here, along with some holidays, should they choose to relax at home.

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Being the center of your evenings, there are many things to do here, ranging from social links to working part-time jobs. Some actions done here at night will help free up the player during the next day, allowing them to do other daytime activities. While your upstairs room may feel empty at first, here is a guide to all you can do to help the Dojima residence feel full of activities.


1st Floor

Dojima Asking About The Garden

The downstairs consists of the kitchen and the living room. Here you can find both Dojima and Nanako on their days when they are available to spend time with the protagonist.

The refrigerator: Checking the refrigerator often will occasionally have the player finding spoiled or rotten food that may not seem appealing. Eating these dangerous foods will increase your Courage but have you going to bed early and using up the rest of your evening. Occasionally you will eat food that does not raise a social stat, but time will also not pass for these foods. If Nanako tells the protagonist they have groceries, the protagonist can spend the night making tomorrow’s lunch. Doing so will allow you to eat lunch with a classmate and give them social link points.

Television: On the TV, you can check the weather and see the week’s forecast. This is useful to know when the fog is rolling in and the deadline to the current dungeon, or if a rainy day is coming up to try the Mega Beef Bowl Challenge.

Garden Tools: On May 22nd, you can start gardening with Nanako. Selecting the tools will spend your evening either planting seeds or harvesting your crops, rewarding the player with useful healing items to use in the TV World. During Winter, selecting the gardening tools will have you digging for bugs that can be used for fishing.

Save Point: The calendar on the wall by the stairs can be used to save the game.

Dojima And Nanako: Dojima’s social link can not be advanced when there is an active dungeon. After finishing a dungeon, Dojima is found sitting at the dining room table, while Nanako sits on the floor by the TV. Nanako’s social link can only be leveled up on days when Dojima is not home.

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Upstairs/Your Room

Yosuke Talking To The Protagonist On The Phone

The only upstairs section of the home we see is the protagonist’s room. Interacting with the stairs on the first floor will have you enter the player’s room, while interacting with the floor to the hallway will send you back downstairs.

Desk: The desk in the corner of your room can be used to study and increase your knowledge.

Couch: Should the player have a book, they can sit on the couch and spend time reading. Each session will only have the player reading one chapter a session unless they read the speed reading book.

TV: The TV is used to check The Midnight Channel and weather. There is no difference between checking the weather upstairs or downstairs other than you not changing the channel on Nanako. This TV can also be used on Sundays to watch Tanaka’s Shopping Channel and order special items.

Bed: The bed can be interacted with to go to bed early and end the night. This offers no benefits and only serves to skip time if the player desires to.

Table: The small table in the center of your room can be used to work a part-time job. Three of the simpler part-time jobs can be started at the bulletin board in the Northern Shopping District on 4/23 and can be completed here, increasing social stats and earning yen.

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