Path to Nowhere tier list – all characters ranked


  • Countless Chelsea
  • Demolia
  • Serpent
  • RouLecca
  • Zoya
  • Pricila
  • Hecate
  • Bai Yi
  • Aerial
  • McQueen
  • Victoria
  • Luvia Ray
  • Crache
  • Enfer
  • EMP
  • Dudu
  • Summer
  • Ariel

Countless Chelsea

Role: Endura

Countless Chelsea is one of the most complex heroes in Path to Nowhere. But in professional hands, she can show excellent results. Countless Chelsea can summon a panther that can be used as a shield. Also, Countless Chelsea has damage reduction, allowing her to take a lot of damage.


Role: Endura

The main feature of Demolia is her health points. She can quickly increase them and, after that, heal herself, which significantly increases her survivability. The only reason why she’s not in Tier S is that there is a limitation on her HP boost and healing.


Role: Umbra

Even though Serpent looks cute, she is one of the deadliest heroes in Path to Nowhere. While using a standard attack, she applies a slow-down effect to enemies and increases her speed. Moreover, when there are no enemies near Serpent, she will raise her attack.


Role: Reticle

RouLecca has poor DPS and can deal damage only using crit attacks, but she can increase her crit rate and damage while attacking.


Role: Fury

Zoya is a Tier A hero most likely to appear in Tier S in the future. She has a 3×3 AoE attack that can deal significant damage. Also, Zoya has many health points and has no problem killing enemies in short range. But the best thing about Zoya is her passive skill. It increases her attacking speed, making her suitable even in the last stages of the game.


Role: Reticle

Pricilla can summon a clone who helps help her during battle. Moreover, she has high DPS, allowing you to kill enemies quickly. Unfortunately, her lack of health points doesn’t make her worthy of becoming Tier S.


Role: Arcane

Hecate’s unique ability has a long fire range and hits every target in this range, which is extremely powerful. But Hecate doesn’t have good survivability, so you should be careful while using her.


Role: Catalyst

Aerial is the only healer in Tier A. The only difference between her and Hamel is that she is universal. Aerial has increased damage, which enables her to fight against enemies. And for increased damage, she gives up her healing capabilities. So, Aerial can’t heal as effectively as Hamel.


Role: Arcane

Victoria is a hero with really significant damage. However, she forgoes health points for such a high attack capability. She will lower her health points to gain more attacks and kill enemies more effectively.

Luvia Ray

Role: Arcane

Luvia Ray is the most classic damage dealer in Path to Nowhere. She has high stats and a passive skill oriented at increasing attack. Overall, she is a mighty hero that will always bring benefit to your team.


Role: Umbra

Crache has one of the best special attacks in Path to Nowhere. The AoE attack can deal a high amount of damage quickly. Moreover, this attack has an unblocking effect so that opponents will not be able to dodge it. The only disadvantage of Crache is that she has pure physical stats. Therefore, she must be complemented by powerful characters who can deal much damage.


Role: Reticle

The best thing about EMP is that this hero is free. You can obtain her by completing the first chapter of the story. And talking about EMP in battles, she is perfectly suitable for the role of background hero. Her special attack can wipe out low HP heroes and provides additional buffs for your team.


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