One Punch Man: 10 Strongest Characters, Ranked


You should not think too much of a certain character’s powers and abilities while watching One Punch Man, as it is more of a satire of all tropes that the production teams do in their fighting anime. Since its blends action and comedy sequences not to be dead stuff, you’re not meant to take it too seriously.

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One Punch Man’s selling point is its comical humor from verbal nuance, warning you not to look at it as a classic Shonen anime whenever it finds an opportunity. Whether you are an avid fan or a newcomer to the series, you can probably expect that One Punch Man is all about heroes proving their immense power in the public eye. In an effort to gain popularity, heroes come up against a few bad guys who aim to conquer the world.


10 Flashy Flash

He is a ninjutsu master with superman speed and agility who believes training is the only way to be really strong like Saitama. Flashy Flash is the fastest S-class hero in the association that previously defeated multiple Dragon-level monsters singlehandedly.

Flashy Flash is also an intelligent and analytical combatant, waiting for the right moment to use his signature moves. He can even discern Saitama’s physical attributes by analyzing the sound of his footsteps. What sets the character apart from average heroes is his ability to dispatch enemies before they can sense what happened.

9 Atomic Samurai


Kamikaze is a sword master with long black hair tied in a ponytail, and his jocular personality makes him one of the badass heroes in One Punch Man. He enjoys taunting monsters and slicing them into pieces with his swordplay.

Atomic Samurai is strong enough to slice off one of Homeless Emporer’s energy spheres and cut Golden Sperm’s arm off, thanks to his exceptional sword mastery. In the blink of an eye, Atomic Samurai is capable of slashing enemies dozens of times while creating a single powerful shock wave against singular opponents.


One of the fan-favorite heroes in One Punch Man, Metal Knight is a scientist, pragmatic, and psycho-maniac who comes off as demeanor and ruthless. He would pose a huge threat against invaders, with his exceptional brainpower and physical strength making Metal Knight the best mech pilot in the universe.

Metal Knight can create an array of advanced machines and weapons to wreak havoc, as he can also erect various defense systems for allies. The S-class hero is also an engineer who can rebuild facilities, weapons, and robots with his great structural knowledge. Metal Knight’s war machine is armed with missiles, retractable suction pads, and rocket engines.

7 Silver Fang


Also known as Bang, he is one of the greatest masters of the martial arts world and a teacher of younger heroes. Silver Fang is an elderly man with a muscular and lean body, hiding his playful personality with a serious attitude.

The retired S-class hero has mastery over a defensive martial art known as Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist, which gives him an advantage when he is forced into a corner. Despite his old age, Silver Fang possesses tremendous physical strength, far beyond that of an S-class hero.

6 Elder Centipede


The gargantuan centipede creature is one of the largest Dragon-level threats that could easily shake the ground up for hours. He possesses immense strength thanks to his enormous size, passing through tunnels with ease. The Elder Centipede is strong enough to push back Silver Fang and Bomb while cutting Genos into pieces with his mandibles.

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Despite his giant seizure, this creepy bug monster can maneuver across the world with ease. Additionally, his carapace shell protects the elder centipede from physical and magical attacks. It also becomes bigger and tougher when molted.

5 Garou

garou (1)

Kicked out of his dojo by Silver Fang, Garou is a martial art prodigy who can take down more than three heroes in hand-to-hand combat alone. His vindictive characterization, driven by a deep hatred for heroes, makes Garou one of the interesting human monsters in One Punch Man. Garou often mocks his opponents due to his arrogant personality, calling them all pathetically weak.

Garou is renowned for his heightened physical attributes and martial art intelligence, which allow him to analyze the opponent in seconds and build up a strategy to hit their weak points. Apart from his enhanced senses and keen observation skills, Garou has a resistance to poison and electricity.

4 Tatsumaki


Being an esper, Tatsumaki is known for his arrogant and impatient personality. Her confidence in her strength inflicts fear upon enemies, with her friends claiming that there exists no being that can stand a chance against Tatsumaki with conventional methods. The Terror of Tornado serves humanity as the ultimate weapon of the Hero Association.

Tatsumaki is capable of controlling objects thanks to her psychokinesis ability, as she can also lift the entirety of a city and carry it for kilometers. She can effortlessly crush monsters into a ball with immense telekinesis power and erect barriers to protect allies.

3 Boros


Lord Boros is the leader of a group of alien invaders responsible for their destruction on multiple planets across the universe. He has been on the lookout for a worthy opponent, and he finally encountered Saitama in the world.

Boros is brave enough to think he can humiliate Saitama in hand-to-hand combat. He has the best-surviving record against Saitama, whose punch sent the caped bald up to the moon. Serving as the main antagonist of the Alien Conquerors arc, Boros has an incredible rate of energy protection and regeneration. His ability to generate shockwaves, combined with an augmented speed and immense endurance, makes Boros a formidable opponent against the Hero Association.

2 Blast


Blast is the rank 1 professional hero of the Hero Association, who has a hobby of collecting mysterious cubes around the world. Excluding Saitama, Blast is considered the most powerful hero in the world, possessing an immense speed to demonstrate his superiority over other heroes. He is able to counteract his enemies’ moves by redirecting them into portals.

Moreover, Blast has a strong resistance to radiation, allowing him to stand against the cosmic radiation emitted by enemies. The S-tier hero can manipulate gravity, create and close portals by clasping his fists, and drub enemies in hand-to-hand combat, as demonstrated in his fight against

1 Saitama


Saitama is a bald hero with a cape who kills super planetary monsters and shatters sky stones with a single blow. He is the main protagonist of One Punch Man, whose signature move pulverizes any kind of monster, villain, and other threat. No one from the Hero Association, including Blast and Tatsumaki, stands a chance against his immense durability and unparalleled physical prowess. Saitama has supernatural reflexes and senses, which allow him to see even enemies moving at the speed of sound.

Saitama could easily destroy a continent with a punch, change his location for hundreds of kilometers by just having a glimpse, and jump up to the moon, but he has no reason to do these. The One Punch Man is undoubtedly the most powerful being in his universe.

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