Nomura Is Handing Over Final Fantasy 7 Remake Co-Director Role

Along with the reveal of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade’s story content and PS5 upgrade, Tetsuya Nomura gave some updates to the development process of FF7 Remake’s future. In a translated interview by Famitsu (provided to us by Square Enix), Nomura explained that he’s transitioning away from being the co-director of the project, and that Naoki Hamaguchi will now be the sole director moving forward. However, Nomura mentioned that not much will change for him.

When asked about his role as a director and concept designer for the multiple projects in the works, Nomura prefaced, “There have been three Final Fantasy 7-related games announced, but as I mentioned before, I have more projects on my plate at the moment than ever before.” He then explained that the foundation has already been established and that he can pass on the role, saying, “For Remake, the core gameplay direction has now been worked out and we can see the points that need improving, so I will hand over directorship to Mr. Hamaguchi (co-director on FF7 Remake) for the next game and continue to be involved in all FF7-related projects, such as the remakes and mobile games, as overall creative director.”

If you’re wondering how this might affect future entries of FF7 Remake, this move may not make that much of an impact; Nomura stated, “The way I am involved in the development work will basically not change, though.”

Although we don’t have any indication of when FF7 Remake’s second part may come, Nomura said, “The next game is being worked on at that same kind of pace,” and stressed that Intergrade’s story content will be an important piece to the broader Remake saga.

For more on what’s going on with the Final Fantasy 7 universe, check out everything we know about Intergrade, which includes details on how Yuffie is getting involved in the story and how the free PS5 upgrade works. Two new mobile games were announced as well, The First Soldier and Ever Crisis–the former being a multiplayer battle royale and the latter being a revamp of the original FF7 and its various spinoff stories.

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