No Brainer: Here’s How The TikTok Algorithm Works


Ever since it entered our lives, TikTok hasn’t stopped giving rise to new trends and viral trends, thanks to the diverse and fun content the app offers. From dancing videos (after all, this is how the app started) to lip-synching videos that will make you roll on the floor with laughter. Reaching immense popularity in such a short time has led businesses and brands to understand that social media presence in 2021 isn’t about establishing active Facebook and Instagram pages but joining the TikTok hype is also part and parcel of this front.

What Is It About TikTok That Attracts So Many New Users And Businesses Every Day?

Don’t let TikTok’s status as a relatively new app mislead you; it holds great marketing opportunities that aren’t inferior to any of the other social media giants. For instance, upon hitting 1K TikTok followers, you can start going live on TikTok and take advantage of this means of interaction to collect money from your audience.

Have you ever felt that TikTok knows you as if you were BFF’s? It seems like the app always gets it right to find which videos to show us. Sometimes, the app is so on point it even suggests videos on the particular subject you’ve just talked about with your friends, and the app seemed to have listened in on this conversation because it certainly couldn’t have been a coincidence! Today we’ll discuss how TikTok features the particular videos it shows us (and does it have anything to do with fake TikTok likes?) and other useful details about the TikTok users’ location.

How Does The Algorithm Decide Which Videos We’ll See?

It’s true; most social platforms track their users’ location by their GPS location. TikTok, on the other hand, creates its user-personalized feed based on the smartphone’s SIM card, regardless of the users’ location. Therefore, the feed TikTok displays just for you is a combination of the SIM card your phone is registered to, along with your preferences and taste, which the app’s algorithm learns and follows in time. For instance, if you like videos in English, start watching them and search them via related keywords. You’ll soon see that the algorithm will start featuring relevant videos on its own accord. Now, the same is also true for who gets to see your videos: your videos will be suggested to TikTokers whose SIM card’s location is similar to yours. If you want TikTok to offer you videos from different countries, then the only solution is to change your SIM card.

How Do Videos Become Viral On TikTok?

A lot has been said and speculated about TikTok’s unique algorithm, and there is still a lot to be learned and researched about it to understand it to the core. However, we know that when you upload a new video, the algorithm acts as follows: it begins by showing it to a small group of users. According to their reactions and engagement with this video, the algorithm ‘pushes’ your video for more eyes and more people to see (it happens even if you have a small number of followers!).  


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