Need A Free 4K Video Converter for Windows? 5 Aspects to Consider!


Wherever we go, most of us like shooting videos around with our smartphones or cameras to keep as memories or share on SNS platforms. 4K video resolution, which is about 4 times as large as 1080p and preserves better image quality is quite popular nowadays. But the 4K video file could be tough to play on common devices or upload to media platforms. Apart from the resolution, format is another problem of 4K videos. HEVC and AV1 codec are usually used for 4K videos because of the high compression rate. However, the compatibility of them is very low.

To solve these problems, a powerful 4K video converter is needed. There are many 4K video converters in the market. How to find the right one? This article will list 5 aspects to guide you selecting a right 4K video converter freeware for your Windows PC. If interested, let’s take a quick look!

5 Aspects to Consider for Free 4K Video Converter

We can easily find a free video converter software online, but it’s hard to find a good one. Take a look at the so-called best free 4K video converters on the internet, you will find that there are 5 most important aspects to consider. Let’s take WinX Video Converter, which is one of the best 4K video converters, as an example.

1. Clean

Although we’re looking for is a free 4K video converter, it should be free from virus, adware or malware etc. Also, when we install and run the software, there should be no bundles of other software, links and popups. Choosing a free yet 100% safe video converter for Windows PC should be the first consideration.

WinX Video Converter of Digiarty is a trustworthy free software. There is no spyware, adware, or bundles in it and it’s 100% safe to use this 4K video converter.

2. Function

We can’t judge a converter whether it’s good or bad only by how many functions it has, contrarily, we need to focus on how powerful its core function and extra valuable features. On the one hand, the core function should be the ability of converting 4K videos, including supported video formats and video quality after conversion. On the other hand, the converter not only meets the basic converting needs, but also meets the extras.

WinX Video Converter can convert 4K video to 2K/1080p/720p, to 420+ file formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, and so on. Also, it has a simple editing function and can adjust video/audio parameters based on the needs.

3. Speed

Converting 4K movies/videos is time-consumption because of its large file size. Therefore, if a video converter can speed up the conversion process with GPU acceleration tech, that’ll help us save much time from waiting. At the same time, if the Windows converting software can keep the original quality even under the acceleration, that converter will be a choice.

And this is how WinX Video Converter built for. With the level-3 hardware acceleration, it can convert 4K video at a super-fast speed. And its High Quality Engine enables a high image quality for the 4K video output.

4. User-friendly

Most people are not tech-savvy. Usually, we just don’t want to take a lot of time to figure out how to use the 4K video converter. A user-friendly and simple video converter for Windows will save you many trouble.

Built with a simple interface, WinX Video Converter presents you the robust features clearly. People don’t have to search on Google or ask technician for a complicated guide.

5. Support

A good converter comes with good service and tech supports. It’s so important when we have any problems with the software.

Although a 24*7 is not possible because of the time-zone, WinX Video Converter does offer a phone and email support reply in 12 hours.

How to Convert 4K Video with WinX Video Converter

It’s easy to convert 4K video with WinX Video Converter, below is an example to convert 4K video to MP4 format.

Step 1. Load 4K video file.

Install and lunch WinX Video Converter, then load video file through “+ Video” Icon or drag the file into the dashboard from desktop.

Step 2. Choose an output format.

Choose MP4 Video format from the popped up window.

Step 3. Start Conversion.

Click “RUN” button to start the converting process.

Optional: Edit video style.

Click “Edit” to cut, crop, trim video, click the gear icon to change video/audio parameters like bit rate, frame rate, etc.

Anyway, the best video converter is the right one for you. You can take this 5 aspects as a reference before choosing the best free 4K video converter yourself. WinX Video Converter is the one we recommend for your 4K videos, free yet safe and powerful. With solid functions, GPU acceleration, user-friendly interface and superb tech support, it’s really worthy to have a try!

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