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The first major update to Disney Dreamlight Valley includes content from The Lion King, with the addition of Scar. By working with Scar and completing the quests he offers, you will be able to unlock a bunch of new features. Finishing Scar’s quest line means you can restore Sunlit Plateau to what it looked like before the Curse.

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Head over to Scar’s domain— it’s the big skull to the right of the main entrance to Sunlit Plateau. Talk to Scar to start the quest.


In order to start Scar’s quest line, you need to have the Sunlit Plateau region opened, and you will also need to have completed “The Curse” quest.

Root Beer And Clearing The Giant Night Thorns

For the first part of the quest, you’ll need to go to Vitalys Mines. If you turn left while leaving Scar’s house, you’ll see the mine opening a bit ahead of Goofy’s Stand and north of the bridge. Explore the mine a bit and keep moving forward.

Eventually, you’ll reach an area with many mine carts and a wooden table. Continue through the mines, and you will reach an area where you can see the mine’s exit in the distance. Walk up the small hill to the right, where you’ll see a wall of rocks that are blocked by Giant Night Thorns. There’s also a red barrel and a wooden sign with papers hanging on it. Interact with the wooden sign to understand how to continue your quest to clear the Giant Night Thorns.

Crafting The Root Beer

Walk down the hill and turn right to continue your way through the mines. There’s a chest you can open that contains the recipe for Root Beer, Crackling Candies, and Dried Ginger. Backtrack through the mine, until you reach the entrance where you came in. Find Merlin and talk to him to get your next objective.

Go to your crafting station and craft the Extra Fizzy Root Beer. This recipe requires Dried Ginger, Sugarcane, and Vanilla. Once you’ve made your Extra Fizzy Root Beer concoction, make your way back to the mine entrance. You’ll need to make your way all the way back through the mine until you reach the area with the small hill to the right— where you saw the wooden sign and the red barrel earlier.

Dissolving The Giant Night Thorns

Red barrel with root beer sign and wooden sign with papers next to a large waterfall in Vitalys Mines

Once you arrive at the red barrel, interact with the red barrel and transfer the Extra Fizzy Root Beer and Crackling Candy. A short animation will play, showing the two ingredients combining and exploding all over the Giant Night Thorns. They are dissolved, and the waterfall begins to run again. Head out of the mine again— this time you should be able to leave using the exit ahead, now that the water has made the wooden bridge rise up to walking level.

Once you’re out of the mine, there’s a large purple portal ahead and to the left. Enter the portal and a short cutscene will play— showing the Forgotten dropping something. Break the rocks along the path and pick up the orb at the end. Go back through the portal. Talk to Merlin again and give him the orb that you found.

How To Find Rich Soil And Vitalys Crystal

Colorful boulder that contains Vitalys Crystals when mined

You probably already have some Vitalys Crystals in your inventory if you broke any of the colorful boulders in the mines earlier. If you need more, go back to the mines and walk around a while to find more colorful boulders to break and get the Crystals.

The boulders will respawn after a few minutes, so just be patient if you don’t have enough once you break them all.

Rich Soil Harvesting

Rich Soil item with grass and flowers growing

Rich Soil is a little harder to come by. You’ll need to plant and harvest any crops to have a chance of finding Rich Soil. You won’t get Rich Soil with every crop you harvest, so the easiest and quickest way to harvest crops is by planting Wheat. It only takes one minute to fully grow, which allows you to plant a ton of it and hope for good luck in finding Rich Soil. When you have all the required items, craft the Miracle Growth Elixir. You should see it in the Potion & Enchantment section of the crafting menu. Go to your inventory and use the Miracle Growth Elixir to upgrade your watering can. Head on back to Merlin to receive your next objective.

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Planting The Orb

Walk back to the Sunlit Plateau and find the pillar with purple light to your left. Head over and use your shovel to dig a hole as close as you can to the pillar. Plant the orb in the hole and water it with your newly upgraded watering can. You should see the plant dripping with water if you watered it correctly.

The orb is planted in the ground next to the magical pillar

The only thing left to do is wait! Unfortunately, it can take a few days for the plant to be ready to harvest— mine took about 3 days. Just keep checking up on it every day in case it needs to be watered again. I found that it stayed watered until it was ready to be harvested, but it’s better to check it every day to see if it’s ready.

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