Modern Warfare 3 Best Glove Perks, Ranked


Modern Warfare 3 is implementing some of the perks that players are used to in the form of clothing to wear for your operator. The gloves you can choose from will have an effect on the way you interact with your weapons and equipment, so here’s our ranking of the best glove perks in MW3.

6. Assault Gloves

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The Assault Gloves will not only improve your accuracy while jumping, but they’ll also make it faster to aim down your sights while you’re doing so. This might not seem like the most useful perk to have, but it’ll make it much easier to distract and dominate an opponent if you have the improved accuracy to pair with some fancy agility.

Expect to see plenty of players jumping all around you, because it’ll certainly work to give players an edge in close-combat situations. It’ll allow you to more precisely land hits while charging at your opponents, and rather than falling to the floor to make enemies break their aim, you can jump and strafe to get the edge on them. If you don’t think you’ll be doing much jumping and aiming at the same time, these aren’t going to be the gloves for you.

5. Scavenger Gloves

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The Scavenger Gloves will allow you to take ammo like bullets and throwing knives off of players that have died on the battlefield. If you’re finding yourself running out of ammo often, the scavenger gloves should help keep that from happening, as long as you’re fighting other players who are using the same caliber rounds as you are.

These aren’t going to make all that much of a difference if you don’t find yourself ‘re never really running low on ammo. If you find yourself dying sooner than you drain your reserves, it might be a better idea to use different gloves that are most useful for you. However, if you play with throwing knives, it is likely that you’ll find yourself running out pretty often, so it’s good for your peace of mind to know that you’re covered on your supplies.

4. Quick-Grip Gloves

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The Quick-Grip Gloves will allow you to swap between your weapons faster, giving you an edge if you start to run out of ammo while in a gunfight. If you’ve got a magazine that makes it faster to reload as well, the effect should stack, allowing for some lightning-fast swaps. Unless of course, you’d rather use that extra perk slot for something else with more variety.

The quick-grip gloves are going to be useful if you’ve got a gun that you built that doesn’t have room for a larger magazine. That way, you can at least wear the quick-grip gloves to make it easier when you do have to change weapons. If you find yourself if a gunfight where you’re both getting low on health and have to reload, you can get a few extra shots in before they can if you’re using faster gloves.

3. Ordinance Gloves

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The Ordinance Gloves will allow you to throw your equipment farther away from you, which is particularly useful for explosives like C4. You can increase your throwing distance, but if you throw a grenade back at the enemy that threw it at you, it’ll also reset the fuse and let you get it further away.

Resetting the grenade fuses might be detrimental to your play style if you like to use the shortened timer to not let the enemies get too far away, but they’re a great asset to your loadouts if you really know how to use them. If you’re not one to use much equipment and prefer to run away from grenades rather than towards them, the ordinance gloves might not be for you.

2. Commando Gloves

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The Commando Gloves will allow you to reload your weapon while sprinting, letting you stay on the move during a gunfight. You can get away from combat situations quickly while preparing your next magazine, rather than having to get somewhere safe before trying to reload. These are great for keeping you in the action as much as possible.

The commando gloves pair well with the running shoes as well because you can move as fast as possible while still staying on the offensive. It lets you play at a much faster pace and spend more time moving between zones or vantage points, making you a valuable teammate if you can hold your own.

1. Marksman Gloves

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Image Source: Activision

The Marksman Gloves will reduce the amount your weapon sways while you’re aiming down your sights, greatly improving your accuracy and ability to fire shots off faster than your opponents. On top of the sway, if you get hit while you’re aimed in, you won’t flinch as much and you’ll be able to remain focused on your target.

The marksman gloves are going to be great for people using long-ranged weapons like snipers and (unsurprisingly) marksman rifles. It’ll allow you to keep pressure on enemies even while you’re under fire, so that you can stay on the offensive as opposed to having to back off once you get hit. If you’re one to use a shotgun or something that doesn’t require as much precision, these aren’t going to be the best choice.

That’s all for our ranking of the best glove perks in MW3. They’ll make a huge difference in your gameplay if you know how to implement them, so take your time to see what feels comfortable. To see the install size for MW3 or to check the server status, hang around here for more.

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