Modern Warfare 3 Best Boot Perks: Ranked (MW3)


Modern Warfare 3 will be featuring more ways than ever to customize your loadouts, with one of these features being the boots that your operator is wearing. Each set of boots will give you different advantages, so here’s the best boot perks in MW3.

6. Covert Sneakers

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The Covert Sneakers will eliminate the sounds of your footsteps, allowing you to sneak up on enemies more easily and engage in much closer combat situations. These are great for players who want to use melee weapons or shotguns because you can close the gap on your enemies without giving yourself away as you try to get close.

The Covert Sneakers won’t stop you from appearing on the map if the enemy team has a UAV, so they’re not going to make you completely invisible. They will add extra benefit if you’re playing with a small group of people or on a smaller map, but they might not be the best for using when you’re going to be more mobile and aggressive.

5. Running Sneakers

modern warfare 3 mw3 woods tundra stalking
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The Running Shoes will likely be the go-to footwear for players who use Tac Sprint often, because it’ll increase the duration that you can use it for, while also reducing the cooldown for when you can use it. It’ll massively improve the usefulness of Tac Sprinting, allowing you to cover much greater distances than other players.

On smaller maps with close-quarters combat however, the running sneakers probably aren’t going to be as useful because you won’t have the room to get the most out of it. The only thing that the running sneakers alter is the tac sprint, so if you’re not going to be sprinting much in the first place, it makes little sense to use a perk slot on them.

4. Stalker Boots

modern warfare 3 mw3 covert in rain screenshot
Image Source: Activision

The Stalker Boots will give you greater movement speed both while aiming down your sights and strafing. You can use this to your advantage if you’re using a marksman rifle or a sniper, as you can make faster adjustments on the fly without having to drop your aim. This will make your life easier when using an optic that blocks much of your field of view because you can stay on the move while still adjusting your aim.

It’s also handy to use the Stalker Boots if you know you’re gonna be going head to head against other players with strong weapons. It isn’t going to be the most helpful while playing with a shotgun or a launcher, but for more precise weapons that don’t send as much lead downrange, you’ll want to be sure that every shot counts.

3. Climbing Boots

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Image Source: Activision

The Climbing Boots will give you a boost to the speed at which you climb and mantle over objects, making them useful for traversing through windows or up rocks. You can use it if you’re chasing someone to gain ground on them and cut them off, or if you’re trying to get away it might just be the difference between life and death.

Not only do they make you faster at climbing and mantling, but they reduce fall damage as well. That can open up escape routes for you that you might not have been able to employ otherwise because you’d take too much damage when you hit the ground. Especially once you start getting to the point of really knowing the maps well, the climbing boots might just be what gives you your edge.

2. Lightweight Boots

modern warfare 3 mw3 swimming at night
Image Source: Activision

The Lightweight Boots will make you faster both when you’re running and swimming, which is great for evading enemies and getting around the map faster. Not only that, but they’ll also make you quieter when you’re swimming, allowing you to move unnoticed through bodies of water to flank or sneak up on enemies.

If you’re one who likes to sprint around the map and leave without a trace, the lightweight boots are going to be pretty helpful. You can run up to someone quickly, take them by surprise and be gone before their teammates can get there. Pair that with the reduction in noise in the water and you can make a speedy aquatic getaway without any hassle.

1. Tactical Pads

modern warfare 3 mw3 underwater screenshot
Image Source: Activision

The Tactical Pads will increase your slide distance, while also allowing you to aim down your sights during the slide animation. That way, you can move farther and slide into cover from farther away to avoid damage, or you can use it to close the gap on your enemies while messing with their aim. You can also turn off the dive mechanic to make your slides even more deadly.

Tactical Pads are going to be the most useful for players who love to stay on the move and get up-close and personal. They’re great for using with shotguns and sliding at someone while blasting rounds at them, or if you’re in tac stance and want to stay focused on headshots, you don’t have to compromise your accuracy while making that maneuver.

That’s all for our ranking of the best boot perks in Modern Warfare 3. Whether you want to know what the first weekly challenges are going to be when the game launches or how to change your reticle, stick around here.

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