Marvel Introduces a New Way The X-Men Could Join the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The huge query in entrance of a lot of Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige is the right way to introduce the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise in a manner that is sensible. The X-Men have not been current in the MCU all this time (that we all know of), so there may be actually solely two methods to get them into continuity with The Avengers: Either by revealing mutants have been hiding out in the MCU all this time or having them someway break into the MCU from another actuality or dimension. Thanks to the newest Marvel Comics tales, the latter has change into a actual possible choice for the X-Men’s MCU origin.

Marvel Comics has given the X-Men mythology a full redesign in the present “Dawn of X Reboot”. All mutants (good and evil) have united collectively as an official nation acknowledged by the world, positioned on the dwelling mutant island of Krakoa. Krakoa supplies the X-Men with every kind of recent bio-organic expertise like portals and weapons, whereas a complete mutant tradition has been constructed, with faith and ceremonial practices, authorities, army, and covert operations forces, and even its personal interstellar exploration workforce, which is the focus of the X-Men’s present S.W.O.R.D. comedian.

One of the huge cornerstones of the new “Dawn of X” world of X-Men is how mutants are studying to mix their respective mutant powers to attain god-like feats that bend the very legal guidelines of actuality and nature. The important energy combo set are the saintly group often called “The Five,” whose powers permit any mutant to be resurrected and restored after dying. However, S.W.O.R.D. has taken issues up a notch with “The Six,” a mixture of mutant teleporters, seers, and power-enhancers that may act as an expedition workforce in a position to journey throughout any cosmic aircraft – and even by means of the multiverse itself.

We’ve damaged down the the reason why Dawn of X ought to affect the MCU X-Men motion pictures, and the thought of mutant energy mixtures permitting mutants to hop dimensions or journey to distant planes of the multiverse is a straightforward manner for Kevin Feige to carry an X-Men workforce and bigger mutant world into the MCU.

An thought like “The Six” additionally permits for the sort of slow-burn introduction that Feige and Marvel love for his or her MCU arcs. The first mutant that breaks into the MCU actuality would herald a a lot larger world of mutants (actually) to come back and could be a daring displaying of why that X-Men mutant energy hits in a different way than all the different powers the MCU has already placed on show.

The Dawn of X books are all on sale from Marvel Comics, together with S.W.O.R.D.

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