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Marth is the first of twelve Emblems you’ll have in Fire Emblem Engage. Here’s how to use his abilities to the fullest.

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You’ll have a dozen Emblems to play with in Fire Emblem Engage, but only one Emblem of Beginnings. Marth was one of the first characters introduced in Fire Emblem when the series launched in the early 90’s, so it is only fitting that he is the first Emblem you’ll meet in Fire Emblem Engage.

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Whether you’re a returning veteran or this is your first Fire Emblem game, you’ll quickly become familiar with Marth’s unmatched sword skills and prowess on the battlefield. This guide will walk you through his special skills, and how to make the most of him on the battlefield.


Bond Effects and Abilities

Alear unlocks new bond effects for Emblem Marth

Since Marth is a master swordsman, most of his Bond Effects and abilities pertain to how he uses the sword. This includes buffs to Avo (avoid rate), abilities that can trigger extra moves in combat, and an Unyielding ability that triggers automatic health recovery when your health is 20% or less at the start of your turn. In addition, some perks, like the buffs to Avo, will increase in potency as you increase your bond level.

Outside the passive skills, Marth also has a powerful Engage Attack called Lodestar Rush. This attack hits the enemy seven times in a row at 30% of normal damage. This can decimate most enemies, especially those weak to swords. Unlike his passive skills and buffs, this move can only be initiated if you are engaged.

Finally, Marth also has a few Engage Weapons at his disposal. You will acquire his Rapier immediately upon summoning him. It has a high Avo rate and is very effective against cavalry and armored foes. After reaching bond level 10, you’ll unlock his second weapon, Mercurius. This sword has more physical damage than the Rapier and also doubles the user’s earned experience.

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Best Pairings

Alear uses Lodestar rush on Elusian Soldier

Although Marth is a powerful swordsman, he is only as strong as the character wielding him. Because he has so many abilities that scale with swords and Avo, it is best to pair him with another sword wielder. This will also provide additional bonuses for the pairing being the same type. Because Alear starts off as a sword wielder, they are naturally a good pairing for Marth for at least the early part of the game. As you acquire more characters, you may find that you prefer to pair him with another sword user like Goldmary or Kagetsu.

You can technically pair him with a different class, like axes or daggers, and you’ll still get the benefits of the Avo buffs. This can also make for an interesting mashup that allows the character to have more than one attack type. But since so many of Marth’s bond effects scale with swords specifically, it might be a bit of a waste of all that extra power you’d get by keeping him paired with a sword user.

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