Kick-Ass vs Hit-Girl’s Rematch Was More Underwhelming Than Their First Fight

Kick-Ass vs. Hit-Girl #4 just gave the antiheroes a much-anticipated rematch, but it’s just as short as their first brawl.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Kick-Ass vs. Hit-Girl #3, by Steve Niles, Marcelo Frusin, Sunny Gho and John Workman, on sale now.

Kick-Ass vs. Hit-Girl has painted a bloody picture in Albuquerque, as Mindy tries to get revenge for Patience misusing the costume of her former partner, Dave. She hates how Patience used the Kick-Ass moniker to build up a criminal empire, although she doesn’t know the former soldier’s trying to burn it down and go back to her civilian life.

This led the two antiheroes to have another brawl in Issue #3, and it was just as short and just as underwhelming as their first encounter.

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In this issue, a disenchanted Patience is found once more taking out her dens, killing her own people and trying to escape the gunmen sent from Mexico. Vasquez is leading the charge, wanting to ensure the empire can be absorbed by the cartels, but it’s not going according to plan. Even when he has her cornered at one warehouse, Patience is able to overcome all the mercenaries.

This leads to her finding Hit-Girl in the streets ready to blow Vasquez’s away. Mindy’s a brilliant tracker, but just when she’s about to pull the trigger, Patience takes the kill-shot and robs Mindy of her glorious moment. This riles up Mindy who wants to avenge her first loss to Kick-Ass, which ended after just one kick to the gut and a concussion as she keeled over.

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They both curse out each other, again, as Patience wants Mindy to stop endangering her mission. However, Mindy just wants Patience to bleed out all over Dave’s green-and-yellow suit. After their heated exchange, they charge each other. There’s a clash of swords, with Patience trying to explain she’s shutting down shop but Mindy’s dead-set on finishing the job. Her rage causes her to return the favor from their last brawl, kicking Patience in the gut. However, Patience calls a truce when they hear police swarming and the harsh ring of approaching sirens.

She arranges for them to finish their rivalry at Widow’s Hill, to which Mindy obliges. Although Patience was a bit cocky before, she can tell that she underestimated Hit-Girl. However, as much as she has respect for her opponent, Mindy doesn’t and this lack of discipline could be her downfall.

Big Daddy wouldn’t be proud of her running on emotions like this, and a calmer, more logical Patience might hold the edge. Only time will tell, but their “threematch” might not involve them alone, as the remaining criminals are still hunting them down and desperate to put an end to the vigilantes taking a bite out of their narcotics trade.

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