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Yagluth, King of the Goblins, is the imposing mage boss of Valheim and likely the fifth Forsaken you’ll come across in your journey. But how exactly are you meant to find him let alone beat him?

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Yagluth takes the cake as the hardest-to-find boss in the game, and believe it or not, you might be wasting your time if you’re still looking for Vegisvirs. Don’t worry; there’s an easier way to find this boss, and once you do, all you need is the right setup to kill him. Keep reading to learn how to find, summon, and kill Yagluth.


How To Find Yagluth

There’s no denying it: Yagluth is a hard boss to find, and if you’ve spent hours upon hours looking for a Vegisvir, I’m sorry to inform you that there’s a better way. The Vegisvir for Yagluth only spawns around a specific type of rare stone structure called a Stonehenge.

These Stonehenges look like the average stone circles you can find around the plains, but they are in fact much rarer and come with a guaranteed Yagluth Vegisvir. You could comb your way through dozens of plains biomes without finding a single one that contains a Vegisvir.

Instead, as many players have inadvertently done themselves, you should focus on looking for the Yagluth altar. It spawns five large curled stones in the rough shape of a hand that are easily visible on the horizon.

While on the lookout for these rocks, you can scan wide swaths of the Plains from afar, saving you from having to painstakingly check every nook and cranny. Sadly, even if the boss altar is easy to spot, you still might have to search the world extensively before you find one.

How To Summon Yagluth

The Yagluth boss altar stretches into the sky, dominating the horizon of the Plains.

Even once you’ve managed to find the boss altar, there’s still more searching to do. Walk over to the Runestone near the central dais, and when you interact with it, it will read, “And his dying soul was split and shared among all his kin.” This is by far one of the more oblique summoning item clues, but it’s made somewhat more clear by the five empty slots behind the Mystical Altar.

A Fuling Totem sits in front of a Bonfire in the Plains.

If you’re dying to know the answer, you’ll be glad to hear that it involves yet more searching! The summon item for Yagluth is the Fuling Totem, a white statue that spawns in Fuling Villages and forts or drops from Fuling Berserkers. They’re not a guaranteed spawn, and Fuling Berserkers only show up in a handful of Plains structures anyway, so there’s no getting around it: You’ll have to scour the Plains of your world in search of five such totems.

Once you’ve gathered them all, place them in the Offering Bowls and interact with the Mystical Altar to start the fight.

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How To Kill Yagluth

Yagluth rears up from the ground, shrouded in a pink light that illuminates the Plains.

Yagluth is a terrifying boss since he sports some of the hardest-to-dodge attacks in the game. You might have to try this fight a few times before a strategy sticks, but knowing more about what he can do will definitely pay off.

Yagluth only has three attacks, and none of them are melee. However, that doesn’t mean that this fight is simple. Yagluth will alternate between breathing a line of fire at you, calling down a swarm of meteors, or creating a massive explosion of fire on top of you. Each one is a challenge to deal with.

Yagluth’s Fire Breath

Yagluth spews a stream of electrified fire at the player in the Plains.

Yagluth’s primary ranged attack is his fire breath. Contrary to the name and appearance, this doesn’t just deal Fire damage — it also deals Lightning damage. When he preps for this attack, Yagluth with pop his head back for a few moments before unleashing this stream of hurt. He can turn the beam while firing to follow you around, and it can also cut through stone and wood like butter.

The most reliable way to avoid this attack is to find cover. Having a dip in the ground that you can run into or standing behind a natural stone formation can save you from the worst of the blast. If that’s not possible, try running parallel to Yagluth for the entire duration of the attack; the beam will be close on your heels, but you shouldn’t get hit.

Yagluth’s Meteor Swarm

Yagluth calls down a swarm of meteors to chase and strike the player across the Plains.

For this attack, Yagluth raises his first and out of the sky stream a few meteors, precisely aimed at your head. They deal Fire and Blunt damage in ample amounts each. On top of that, they strike from the sky, so hiding in a trench or on low ground won’t save you. The meteors will also aim toward your current position from when they appear in the sky.

This attack can be tricky to avoid, and to make matters worse, Yagluth is free to move (and attack) while the meteors strike. You can either try to keep moving and let the meteors hit the ground behind you or try to get under one of the stones from Yagluth’s altar. They can be destroyed by the meteors, but before they crumble, they’ll take quite a few hits for you.

Yagluth’s Nova Attack

Yagluth slams his hand into the ground and creates a swath of blue flame around him.

Yagluth’s final attack stands in for your standard melee option. Whenever the player is close enough, Yagluth will slam a hand into the ground, which then erupts in an explosion that leaves behind lasting blue flames. This attack deals Fire and Lightning damage and covers a wide enough area that it can be difficult to get away once he starts the attack animation.

There’s a small area just behind Yagluth’s tail that is neither in the initial blast nor included in the blue flames afterward. If you prioritize dashing to this spot once Yagluth starts the animation, you can stay within melee range of the boss while evading this attack. Be warned, however, that the safe region is very small, so it can be hard to avoid this attack consistently.

Preparing To Fight Yagluth

A flask of Fire Resistance Barley Wine displayed on a table.

A way of gaining Fire resistance is a good idea if you plan to fight Yagluth. While none of his attacks deal purely Fire damage, they deal most of their damage as Fire — resistance won’t make the fight trivial, but it will save you from heaps of damage if you take a hit.

However, Fire resistance isn’t so easy to come by. There are only two sources available to you in your first Yagluth fight: the Fenris Armor set effect and Fire Resistance Barley Wine. Fenris Armor is a rare armor set you can craft with materials found exclusively in the Mountains’ Frost Caves.

This gear increases your movement speed and fist damage at the cost of armor compared to other sets of the same tier. Fire Resistance Barley Wine on the other hand is made from farm-able materials found in the Plains but only applies for a set amount of time.

As far as armaments go, using silver weapons may not be a bad idea against Yagluth. He is one of the few enemies that aren’t immune to Spirit damage, meaning many of the Mountains weapons outperform their Plains counterparts in this specific fight. Yagluth is resistant or immune to Pierce, Fire, and Poison damage, so Frost Arrows are your best choice for this fight by far.

If the fire breath attack specifically is giving you trouble, try digging a trench a decent way away from the altar. You can fall into this trench whenever the fire breath comes out to avoid being hit by it. Be wary of the meteor attack, however, since it will easily barrel straight into your fortifications.

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What You Get From Fighting Yagluth

Hugin stands atop a Wisp Fountain at night, complaining about being bored.

The main drop from Yagluth lets you construct the Wisp Fountain. This structure attracts Wisps at night no matter the biome it is in, and those Wisps serve as an essential resource to surviving the Mistlands biome.

If you take Yagluth’s head back to his boss stone, you’ll gain access to an interesting Forsaken Power. This power will give you resistance to Fire, Frost, and Lightning damage, which makes it the only method of gaining resistance to Lightning in the game so far.

The only issue with this power is that most enemies don’t primarily deal elemental damage, and those that do tend to favor Poison damage. However, if you’re consistently fighting elemental enemies like Surtlings, Dakes, or Yagluth himself, this power can be a huge boon.

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