How to Sign PDF Online (Step-by-Step Guide)


In terms of the correlation with traditional paper ink work, digital signatures are far easier to maintain. It is also the most recent method for maintaining official procedures and making the official position appear more professional and competent.

In any case, with the passage of time, signing PDFs with digital signatures has become possible and useful, and there are a variety of methods for doing so. If you’re interested in learning more about how this can be accomplished, you’ve come to the correct spot.

You will learn how to sign a PDF using a digital signature after reading this article. If you read it all the way through without skipping a beat, you’ll see how it all comes together and why digital signatures are so important.

Why Should You Use Digital Signatures?

We’ll show you how to use software to sign papers online in this article. If you want to check it out, read this article all the way through without skipping any sections, and you’ll find out for yourself.

Innovation necessitates the replacement of old methods with new ones. Paper has been used for ages, but with the advancement of technology, paper has been replaced by digital work, and digital signatures have taken the place of traditional signatures.

When we sign PDFs with digital signatures instead of doing traditional paperwork, we save a lot of time and energy. It also has a significant impact on the company’s expenditures, because it eliminates the need for paper toners, printers, and other such items.

  1. Assist in a Pandemic

Let us now discuss the existing situation. We are all aware of how the epidemic has touched us all, even though how could business deals be completed if we used our old manual methods of signing documents? Or, to put it another way, how would all of these proceedings have gone? Clearly, a remedy was needed.

Digital signatures came in handy at these critical periods when we were all working remotely. It has allowed us to sign our business contracts and complete all of the procedures that demand signatures without any problems; for more information, go to its homepage.

  1. Legal considerations

The major and significant benefit of digital signatures is that they are regarded as lawful and authentic. They can be produced in court, and they will very certainly be accepted. Because digital signatures are allowed in many developing nations, the majority of people use them.

  1. Physical Presence During the Signing Process

Assume you are required to sign a document. You are probably not required to be present at any certain location. You can accomplish so conveniently by being present at any location and having your technological device with you. As a result, you can complete your work from anywhere at any time.

  1. Misuse of Signatures

If you sign documents the old manner, you’re always worried that your signatures will be misunderstood or fabricated. All of these issues are eliminated when using digital signatures since they preserve the finger impression identity of the individual signing the document.

CocoSign is the most comprehensive solution for digital signatures.

CocoSign is a well-known cloud-based program that caters to all types of organizations without discrimination. Companies can be digitized simply by utilizing their services.

  1. Date and time stamp

Digital signatures not only minimize your effort and make your work look more professional, but they also provide you with a timestamp, allowing the user to establish when or when a certain document was signed.

  1. Pre-made templates

You can choose from a library of templates based on the needs of your commercial strategy. The accessibility of constants is another feature of CocoSign that should not be overlooked. You can see all of the documents and gain a better understanding of Cocosign.

  1. Follow-up

You can finally track the entire signing process with CocoSign and decide who has signed and who is simply prolonging the process. It also sends out notifications when new documents are signed or when a document is signed.

  1. Get a Free Trial

Because it is a relatively new phenomenon on the horizon, many people are concerned about how it will work as well as the processes to follow if we employ its services. CocoSign offers a 14-day free trial to all customers in order to alleviate their fears. This aids our IT Helpdesk. A 14-day trial period is sufficient.

  1. Documents that have been signed and stored

In comparison to other limit frameworks for the capacity of signed papers until the auto-expiration period, it is exceptional. The client can also transfer the data to any location they like once the expiration date has passed, and they can also delete it from the cloud storage.

  1. Signing Offline

There are times when the internet goes down, yet the business cannot afford to wait for any of these events. In this way, CocoSign provides its customers with a disconnected component that allows you to sign reports even if you are not connected to the Internet.\

  1. Packages 

It is software that is very cost-effective. It offers a number of options from which you can select the one that best suits your demands. The bundle can also be adjusted if you require it or if your business strategies change.

  1. Safety and security

Because you must confirm your documents using passwords and fingerprints, your documents will be much more secure. CocoSign also employs strong digital encryption standards to ensure the security of all data. All transactions will be conducted over a secure SSL connection.

How to Use CocoSign to Sign a PDF with a Digital Signature

You’re fine to go if you follow the instructions.

Step 1:

In order to transfer the record to the stage, you must first move your PDF into the featured zone. Another option is to use the ‘select document’ button.

Step 2:

Select the document, select a signature type, and create a signature-free signature using a mouse, an electronic pen, or a touchpad. You can then add this digital mark to the document at that moment. You can also upload a signature that has already been created.

Step 3:

After you’ve completed all of the upgrades, press the “Download” option, and your signed pdf will be downloaded using a secure SSL connection.


We hope that this information has helped you understand the importance of digital signatures and how to convert PDFs into virtual endorsements. Examine the above-mentioned application, as it is widely regarded as the most reliable option available.