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in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R, the powerful Part 6 Stand User Weather Report is able to inflict damage to his enemies through status conditions like burn and poison, while maintaining pressure through projectiles.

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Overwhelm the enemy through your burn and poison status effects, as well as the added electricity damage available to you from an install. Weather Report is armed with many projectiles and great mobility at the cost of needing a lot of meter to gain access to his full moveset.


User Mode

With access to two different projectiles, Weather Report’s User Mode makes for a solid zoning kit. He can defend himself decently with his electricity move and apply pressure upon wake-up with this and his projectile ground spikes. Performing his install allows his normal 2H (or down heavy) to allow a combo after, and it gains a new hard knockdown property. With his install active, Weather Report can choose to play more aggressively even in User Mode due to electricity that is applied to his normals.

“Wind Speed Of 280 km/h!”

Weather Report and his Stand hit Pucci with a gust of wind JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

“Wind speed of 280 km/h!” from 236 (or quarter circle forward) creates a tornado that travels forward as a projectile in front of Weather Report. The damage increases with each version, and so do the number of tornadoes. The light version keeps the opponent grounded on hit from one tornado, and the medium and heavy versions launch them with two and three tornadoes on hit, respectively.

“Don’t Slip, Or You’re Done…Dry Out And Stiffen Up!”

Pucci is hit with blood spikes from Weather Report in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure_ All-Star Battle R

“Don’t slip, or you’re done…Dry out and stiffen up!” from 214 (or backwards quarter circle) is Weather Report’s other projectile from throwing puddles of blood. The puddles turn into spikes upon contact, so they can act as a trap. The light version throws a spike at the same distance Weather Report’s forward throw tosses the opponent, so you can get an easy combo from it.

The medium version throws an additional spike about a character model away of distance from the first spike. The heavy version throws out three spikes. Use this special to control the space and follow up with your zoning after keeping the pressure on with your tornadoes.

“Don’t You Dare Touch Me! I’ll Kill You!”

Weather Report electrifies Pucci with his Stand in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

“Don’t you dare touch me! I’ll kill you!” from 623 (or forward dragon punch input) has Weather Report summon his Stand to create electricity around them both. The different versions increase the hits, damage, and recovery you have after use. This is a great tool for playing defensively when an opponent is rushing you. It also works as an option for an opponent getting up on the ground if you want to use it after your grab.

“Got You Pinned!”

Weather Report and his Stand suck the air in and pull Pucci towards them JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

“Got you pinned!” from 63214 (or backwards half circle) and the Stand/Special button is an unblockable, non-damaging move that pulls in the opponent towards Weather Report with a gust of wind. This costs 1 bar of meter. This is a risky move for the cost it takes, but it can serve to put on some serious damage when combined with your electricity special.

Make sure you have a solid game plan to either put the opponent into a combo or make them respond to your zoning and keep-away game — if you choose to use it. The cost of the meter could be alternatively used for Weather Report’s more effective install.

Weather Report Install

Weather Report generates damaging thunder clouds around him JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

Weather Report from 22 (or double down) Stand/Special button creates both offensive and defensive buffs. The install costs 1 bar of meter and last for 9 seconds or until a Great Heat Attack is used. Defensive capabilities include deflecting some non-super projectiles. Offensively, you can inflict burn damage from any opponents hitting Weather Report’s clouds. One of the best buffs is that your normal attacks gain electricity and your heavy normals have an added crumple (or slowly falling to the ground) effect.

Even though it will eat up your meter, activating this install should be your main priority, as it will protect you in User Mode — even if you choose to safely zone and whittle the opponent down from a distance. The added crumple effect is too good to pass up, since it makes using your heavy normals not only less risky but more easily able to create combos.

The electricity buff to normal attacks let you take Weather Report up close and personal to reasonably use his low normals to better reach the opponent. All his aerial normals are decent to use for cross-ups, so the electricity buff helps make jumping-in more viable too.

“The Devil’s Rainbow! It’s Heavy Weather!”

Pucci is turned into a snail by Weather Report in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure_ All-Star Battle R

Heart Heat Attack (or level 1 super) “The Devil’s Rainbow! It’s Heavy Weather!” provides Weather Report with nothing but advantages if you can actually hit with the three rainbows it produces. The opponent will be turned into a slug upon hit, and they will have no options besides dodging and moving. The enemy can’t be juggled while transformed, but all of Weather Report’s attacks are unscaled while attacking. You can deal massive damage and end the sequence in whatever distance or position you wish, all while your opponent can’t do anything to deal actual damage to you.

Only the character Wammu can be immune to this Heart Heat Attack while he is under the effect of “I shall see with the wind.”

Losing the opportunity to apply an install because of throwing out your Heart Heat Attack might seem risky, but it’s still worth it to try and get a hit. The free damage and free opportunity to put yourself in better spacing is too good to pass up. The super alone is worth going to the lab or practicing to successfully weave it into a combo. Ultimately, it’s the offensive option Weather Report has to use his meter for, while the install provides both offense and defensive buffs all around.

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Stand-On Mode

Weather Report attacks an electric shocked Jolyne Cujoh in JoJo's All-Star Battle R

Weather Report’s rush-down game receives a serious upgrade with his normals in Stand-On Mode. He has access to a normal hard knockdown with his 2H (or down heavy) without having to apply his install. The ability to zone with projectiles is traded for how Weather Report can fly into the air and even hit opponents OTG (on the ground).

“I’m Blowing In”

Weather Report tackles Pucci by flying through the air in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure_ All-Star Battle R

“I’m blowing in” from 236 (or quarter circle forward) allows Weather Report to dash in the air while attacking the opponent. It can combo into itself, and the medium version flies forward and upward. The heavy version flies straight up and does more damage. This move is fun to use and can create an array of options and situations. Your install also buffs the attack with electricity.

The aerial version works similar with being able to combo into itself, but the directions of the medium and heavy versions go downwards, also causing a ground bounce on hit.

“Change Direction”

Weather Report air dashes backwards in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure_ All-Star Battle R

“Change direction” from 236 (or back quarter circle) or 4 and light, medium, or heavy buttons allows Weather Report to back away from the opponent. The recovery you have is determined by the strength of the button used. You can use this to bait people, reposition yourself, and strategically save yourself from damage in the air against aggressive opponents.

“Quick Stop”

Weather Reports stops his momentum in the air to create a blast of force in all direction in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure_ All-Star Battle R

“Quick Stop” from 236 (or back quarter circle) or the Stand/Special button while performing “I’m blowing in” lets Weather Report abruptly stop his dashing and create a damaging shockwave around himself. This shockwave can hit opponents OTG, so there is combo potential from it after you reach a downed opponent from dashing.

“Don’t You Dare Touch Me! I’ll Kill You!”

Weather Report shocks Pucci with his Stand while in Stand-On Mode in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure_ All-Star Battle R

Weather Report luckily retains the highly useful “Don’t you dare touch me! I’ll kill you!” in Stand-On mode. This lets you go for some quick damage or damaging defensive options, especially after activating his install. You can make this move one of his main sources of damage after applying the install due to the burn and electricity hits that are all applied in proximity.

With the safer normals you gain in Stand-On Mode, the install, combined with this special move, creates an overwhelming combination the opponent has to respond to — if you’re playing aggressively successfully.

“Torrential Downpour Warning”

Weather Report and his Stand rain down poisonous frogs on Pucci in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

“Torrential Downpour Warning” from 214 (or backwards quarter circle) summons poisonous frogs from over the opponents’ head to rain down. The hit itself does no damage, but the frogs inflict the opponent with poison. Your special’s distance changes depending on the strength of the button that is used. This is a move worth honing, even though it leaves you highly vulnerable without activating Stand-Rush.

For defensive plays, try landing your poison first, then use Stand-Rush to combo the opponent into your tornado projectiles or just into a grab. After the grab, you can throw your light blood spike. Applying poison before switching into User Mode from Stand-Rush will cost you precious meter, but the switch does put you into a good position to zone a poisoned opponent and play a bit of keep away.

“Cloud Suit”

Weather Report puts on a Cloud Suit in his Great Heat Attack in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure_ All-Star Battle R

Great Heat Attack Cloud Suit attacks the opponent’s middle guard with Weather Report creating a gust of wind that launches the opponent upwards before the cinematic. You can actually use the ground bounce after the super to your advantage and follow up on the attack with an assist, if you prefer.

With a versatile kit and high mobility, Weather Report is fun to play but hard to master due to his needed meter to put out reliable damage. He needs to be switching back and forth between Stand-On and User Mode for maximum output and usage of all his status effects. What he lacks in having to gain meter is made up for with the pure utility of his electricity reversal available in both modes that acts just as good offensively as it does defensively.

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