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For all of those that love Adventure Time and doing high damage while remaining somewhat tanky, Jake the Dog in MultiVersus is a great fit. Jake is not in the highest tier list–he’s in the A tier–but is still considered to be powerful. In the right hands can defeat characters that are in any tier all the same.

Jake has an arsenal of moves that transform his body in unique ways so players that are not used to his changes should make sure that they have the in-game lab open while reviewing this guide to help them practice.

Moves And What They Do

Here is a guide to how each of Jake’s moves works and when they are useful to use in a battle as well as how to use them: 



Rubber Stomach, Dude! (Neutral Special)

  • Jake eats nearby fighters which disables them.
  • Jake carries them in his stomach and if presses the neutral button again will spit them out.
  • Enemies eaten receive the maximum amount of stacks of WeakenedWeakened makes enemies fly farther when hit.
  • Allies gain armor and can be spit as projectiles.
  • In the air, he does the same thing.

Giddy Up! (Side Ground Special)

  • Jake transforms into a horse and gallops forward dealing damage to enemies he runs into.
  • In team battles, his back becomes a platform.
  • In the air, the attack is the same.
  • This move can kill at high enough health but isn’t the best kill move to use.

Stretchin’ Out (Up Ground Special)

  • Stretch Jake’s body.
  • Any enemies that Jake touches will be knocked back.
  • Jake’s buns become a projectile that snaps back to his head.
  • Jake can be damaged only if an enemy hits his head.
  • At 150 this move kills.
  • This move can also kill at around 100 if an enemy is halfway in the air.
  • This will also be the players’ primary edge guarding move.

That’s Heavy, Dude (Down Ground Special)

  • Jake transforms into something heavy and slams the ground.
  • Charge Jake to keep him transformed.
  • Projectiles will be reflected.
  • Enemies will be knocked off and damaged. 
  • Allies bounce off Jake and they emit a poof projectile.


Eat Spikes! (Neutral Ground Attack)

  • Jake charges a spike swing that breaks Armor–Armor makes enemies not be able to get hit while attacked with non-armor breaking attacks
  • The longer the charge the more damage it does.
  • This attack can kill enemies uncharged if they are at 150 and will be one of the main kill moves.
  • With a fully charged move, you can kill at 120.
  • This attack can be activated quicker if Jake dodges and then uses it right away.

Belly Bump (Neutral Air Attack)

  • Jake expands his belly which knocks enemies forward, 
  • This attack combos into a mallet spin that breaks Armor.
  • This is one of Jake’s primary openers.
  • One of the best ways to use this move is to fast fall onto an opponent with it.

Funky Junk (Side Attack)

  • Jake unleashes a combo of punches ending in a belly bump
  • The punch has a Sweetspot–deals extra damage–at the end of the stretch.
  • This will be a move to get opponents off of the map and can be combined with the side air version for an early kill.
  • An uncharged side punch will be one of Jake’s primary openers.

Funky Junk(Side Air Attack)

  • Jake charges and aims a stretchy punch.
  • The punch has a sweet spot at the end of the stretch.
  • Players will want to use this move to chase opponents off the map for a kill.
  • This can be a good opener but generally doesn’t lead into a combo.
    • Use it to create space if a reset is needed.

You Axe’d For It! (Up Ground Attack)

  • Charges an overhead axe swing.
  • Charging extends the range of the swing.
  • This move can kill enemies at 150 and will be one of the main kill moves.
    • It’ll be the combo of this move that kills so players must land the second up air to get a kill.

Mace In Yo Face (Up Air Attack)

  • Jake does an upward mace attack.
  • This move actually combos it with a second-up air attack.
  • This move can kill at around 120 if the enemy is about halfway in the air.

Splits! (Down Ground Attack)

  • Jake charges a two-way split kick that breaks Armor.
  • Dodging and going into this attack is the best way to use it as it activates this attack quicker, but is only good if an opponent is grounded.

Where’s My Halfpipe? (Down Air Attack)

  • Jake pulls out a skateboard and does tricks.
  • If Jake lands on enemies he will do damage and combo into a new trick. 
  • If Jake lands 3 hits he will apply Ignited–does a fire debuff on enemies slowly damaging them.
  • This move deals a lot of damage so if a player knows they can land all three hits they should go for it.


Here are some additional tips that will help players in mastering Jake:

  • While Jake has some good combos a lot of his moves do a lot of knockback damage so Jake will want to primarily use openers and kill moves to win matches.
  • If an opponent is at 120 to 150 then Jake will want to focus on landing his neutral ground attack or his up ground attack.
  • Dodge canceling is a Jake player’s best friend.
    • Jake can do a two-hit side ground attack combo, break it with an ax up ground attack dodge, then go into that two-hit side ground combo with an up ground attack again.
    • This is great for building chip damage on opponents as well as landing a kill.
  • Jake’s neutral ground attack is stronger than his up ground attack, but his up ground attack is faster and they both kill at the same amount.
    • Keeping this in mind players should use Jake’s up-ground attack to kill more frequently than his neutral-ground attack. 
    • His neutral ground attack is great for building up damage and killing when available.
  • Jake can go from a neutral air into a stretchy punch as a primary opener.

Jake The Dog Combos

These are combos that players can use when players have an opportunity to, but with Jake learning combos isn’t the focus as mentioned in the tips:

  • Uppercut Air Combo – Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Up), Jump, Air Attack (Neutral)
  • Weakened Knockback Combo – Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Side), Ground Special (Neutral), Jump, Air Special (Side)
  • Downwards Bounce Combo – Jump, Air Attack (Neutral), Air Attack (Down), Air Attack (Down), Air Attack (Down)
  • Side Ring-Out Air Combo – Jump, Air Attack (Neutral), Air Attack (Down), Air Attack (Neutral), Air Attack (Side)


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