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To be able to collect certain weapons and tools such as the Rope Gun in The Sons Of The Forest, you’re going to need another invaluable piece of equipment beforehand — the rebreather. All players should make this top of their priorities when it comes to must-have tools.

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The Rebreather allows the player to essentially scuba dive with small oxygen tanks in the sea, lakes, and hidden caves that can be found scattered throughout the map. It’s worth noting that the oxygen must be used sparingly to ensure you have enough to collect items that require the rebreather to access them.


Where To Find The Rebreather

The Rebreather can be found in the depths of one of the many caves where essential equipment and weapons are stashed. As with all the other caves, we highly suggest that you stock up on weapons and supplies before trying to retrieve the Rebreather or any other tool.

Pitch a tarp tent and save your progress to ensure you will respawn in the vicinity of the cave.

Sons Of The Forest Rebreather Caves GPS Screenshot

The entrance to the cave can be found tucked away out of sight, with only a minimal amount of cover provided by the surrounding rocky terrain. The player must first remove the planks that cover the entrance to the cave to gain access to it. To do this, the player must simply equip any melee weapon and then proceed to destroy the planks.

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How To Get The Rebreather

Sons Of The Forest Rebreather Tank Cave Torch Screenshot

Once you have successfully located the entrance of the cave and removed the planks, you will find yourself in the darkness. Simply equip a light of your preference to see where your going before navigating through the cave.

Once in the cave, you should find an oxygen tank cast aside to your left. This is important to grab, as you will need this for the Rebreather when you collect it. The cave is straightforward to navigate through. Keep heading the opposite direction from where you entered the cave. If you see life jackets on the floor, that means you are on the right path to the Rebreather.

When traveling through this cave, you have a choice on whether to engage with the enemy or not. We suggest just running past the enemy that occupies the cave to save time and supplies.

Sons Of The Forest Rebreather Cave Shark Screenshot

Once you have navigated successfully through the cave in one piece, you will find yourself above a body of water. This water is home to a mutated shark, so try to avoid jumping or falling in. Stick to the right side of the cave, and the Rebreather can be found in the middle of the cave straight ahead of where you enter this section. Simply avoid the shark and collect it. Once you have it, you may proceed to leave the cave with your newly acquired tool.

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