How to Get Pearls in Hades 2


Hades 2 has a wide variety of common and rare resources to hunt down as you travel through the underworld. Pearls are just such a resource, and while their uses are limited, we’re going to discuss how you can get Pearls in Hades 2.

Where to Find Pearls in Hades 2

As of this moment, the only way to get Pearls in Hades 2 is by fighting the non-optional boss at the end of the Oceanus stage. As the second boss in Hades 2, you will more than likely encounter Scylla and her sirens on almost every run if you can make it that far. While you may certainly struggle the first couple of times, there is a certain rhythm to the boss encounter that, when mastered, will grant you victory more times than not.

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How to Beat Scylla and the Sirens in Hades 2

Here’s what you need to do to beat Scylla and the Sirens that accompany her to get Pearls:

Roxy the Drummer

Roxy is one of the more difficult aspects of the boss fight as part of the boss trio. By herself, though, she’s rather easy to deal with since she doesn’t defend herself much or move. The importance of taking her out first lies in the fact that her large AoE attacks span across the entire boss arena. Those kinds of arena-wide attacks make it hard to maneuver around the other sirens’ attacks. Dealing with Roxy first makes the fight much easier.

Jetty the Guitarist

Jetty plays some slick notes as she struts around the battlefield trying to directly strike you for large damage. Her follow-up attack after trying to slam into you shoots out a large AoE wave that you can thankfully block using the arena’s pits and pillars. Beyond those attacks, she will also try to stun-lock you briefly with the soundwaves of her guitar. This sets you up to be comboed by the other two sirens.

Scylla the Singer

Finally Scylla, the singer of the trio, should be put down last. Her attacks don’t amount to much beyond slowly moving with a limited AoE attack, and the odd physical attack that’s quite easy to dodge. The only tricky thing about her is the shell she sits in, making her invulnerable to back attacks. You will need to attack her from the front with medium- to long-range abilities.

How to Use Pearls in Hades 2

Defeating Scylla and her Sirens will always net you one pearl. There aren’t a lot of use cases for these Pearls, though. One such use later on as you progress is the “Abyssal Insight” incantation, which unlocks the Chaos Trials mode. This trial mode itself provides an additional challenge via certain weapons and boons and rewards you with Star Dust. This is a reagent that can be used to help bond animal familiars and boost Arcana Cards.

You will want to beat Scylla and her gang twice to earn the two Pearls needed to complete the Abyssal Insight incantation. Beyond that, Pearls are also used to enhance two of the weapon aspects. You’ll need six Pearls for both of those.

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