How To Find & Farm Mushrooms


Looking to stock up on mushrooms in Valheim and need some help? This guide can show you how.

Mushrooms are one of the best early-game foods in Valheim. Not only are they useful in and of themselves for their balance of health and stamina, but they’re also key to lots of fantastic recipes like Carrot Soup and Serpent Stew. But how do you find them, and how do you get more than four or five at a time?

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Despite their usefulness, Mushrooms can be hard to get a hold of since they can’t be farmed like Carrots, Turnips, or Onions, but there is a way to consistently fill your stores with these fungal treats. Here’s everything you need to know about finding and farming Mushrooms.


Finding Mushrooms

On the left, the player spots Mushrooms easily with no grass. The Mushrooms are obscured on the right.

The first step in getting lots of Mushrooms is to find them first. Mushrooms spawn primarily in the Meadows, but you’ll also find patches in the Black Forest and the Swamps. They seem to be more likely to spawn near trees and structures, but there is no clear confirmation that this is the case. Prioritize looking in these spots first if you need some more Mushrooms.

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Another key tip is to lower the vegetation quality in your setting menu while you search for fungi. The game looks great with wavy grass along the ground, but it can seriously hurt your ability to see the distinctive red of the Mushrooms.

Farming Mushrooms

The player looks at a map full of Mushroom markers in the Meadows.

There’s no method to plant and harvest Mushrooms, but there is still a way to farm them consistently. Once you’ve found a patch of Mushrooms, don’t just pick them up and leave. These patches will actually respawn every 240 minutes (or around eight days in the game) in the same spot, so you can keep coming back to them again and again.

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To make things easier, mark the location on your map with a simple reminder of what it is. After you’ve spent some time completing other parts of the game, you can return and run between your markers instead of painstakingly scanning the ground.

Stick To The Meadows

While you can find Mushrooms in the Black Forest and Swamps, your best bet is to stick with the Meadows. There are drastically fewer enemies in the Meadows, and you’ll have the chance to pair your Mushroom farming with tasks like Deer hunting, Boar tracking, or Raspberry picking. Who knows, you might even find some rare Meadows structures like the Maypole.

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