How To Farm Void Essence


Run out of Void Essence in Stardew Valley and need some more? This guide can help you farm it.

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If you’ve ever made it to the bottom of the Mines in Stardew Valley, you’ve no doubt come across Void Essence. But what do you do when your store of Void Essence runs dry? How do you find more?

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Don’t panic. As rare as it may seem at first, Void Essence can be quite easy to find, and there’s even a way to start farming Void Essence passively. To learn all about how you can find, farm, and use Void Essence, keep reading!

How To Find & Use Void Essence

A Shadow Brute walks forward menacingly in the Mines, surrounded by rocks.

The primary way to get Void Essence is by killing Shadow Brutes and Shadow Shamans, which spawn on any level past 80 in the Mines. Both enemies have a decent chance to drop at least one Void Essence. Getting Void Essence this way has the added benefit of letting you harvest other rare materials from the lower Mines, like Fire Quartz and Gold.


However, if you’re further into the game, a better option might be the Serpents in the Skull Cavern. These flying fish-dragon hybrids have a near-guaranteed drop of Void Essence, but be warned: They are significantly harder to kill than the Shadow Brutes.

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Why You Need Void Essence

Void Essence has a few key uses that can keep it in high demand all game long. The Mega Bomb recipe calls for a Void Essence, and Void Essence makes a great gift for the otherwise picky Wizard. On top of that, you can use Void Essence to help complete the Adventurer’s Bundle.

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How To Farm Void Essence Consistently

A player catching a Void Salmon in the Witch's Swamp, close to the Witch's Hut, in Stardew Valley.

If you need more Void Essence than a smattering of monsters can give you, there are a few consistent ways to get your hands on it. The easiest method is to buy some from Krobus, the friendly monster in the Sewers. He sells up to 10 a day for 100g each. If you truly need heaps of Void Essence and hate having to visit Krobus every day, there is one alternative. The Void Salmon, when put in the Fishing Pond, can generate up to 10 Void Essence a day for free, but there is a catch.

Farming Void Essence From Fish Ponds

Fish Ponds need to be stocked with fish before they can produce items. In this case, you’ll need at least eight Void Salmon before you’ll start getting Void Essence. Stocking the pond also requires you to complete quests for the fish every few days to increase the maximum capacity. These quests can get quite involved, asking you to fetch rare items and throw them into the pool for the amusement of your aquatic friends.

Even after you’ve brought the pond up to maximum efficiency, it will still only have a 7% chance to produce Void Essence. While the Fish Pond method isn’t ideal, it is the only way to farm Void Essence passively, which means it is still very useful.

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