How To Complete The Cave Systems


Escape The Backrooms Level 8 takes players to a dark and winding cave system, consisting of caverns big and small connected by twists and turns the player must navigate in order to escape. While this dark labyrinth may seem confusing, have no fear, as our guide covers how you can complete the Cave Systems.

The Backrooms Level 8 Cave Systems Walkthrough

Step 1: Sneaking Past the Deathmoths

The bridge in the Cave Systems second area

You will spawn into this level at the entrance, next to a table with several items. Make sure you take a flashlight as well as the Walkie Talkies. The caves are incredibly dark, so you are going to need this flashlight to keep track of where you’re going.

After this, stepping on the Transporter will open the door leading into the Caves. In the first two rooms of the caves, you must sneak past several Female Deathmoths that lurk in the area. They are usually spotted near glowing mushrooms, and will kill you if you’re caught walking or running nearby. Shining a flashlight at a Deathmoth will also trigger a chase. You can avoid them by crouching when passing by.

Once you find the next Transporter, you’ll have to sneak past a few more Deathmoths in the second area. As you progress through the caves, you should find a rickety Bridge. Running across the bridge will cause it to break, so walk or crawl across it to be safe. On the other side of the bridge, you can grab some more items from the next table before entering the next Transporter.

Step 2: Surviving the Skin-Stealers

A Skin-Stealer in the Backrooms Cave Systems

The next area houses two Skin-Stealers, each holding a Flashlight. Your goal is to avoid these Skin-Stealers and explore the area to find the next Transporter.

This is easier said than done though. Skin-Stealers are one of the most difficult enemies in the game, and will aggressively chase you until you’re dead. They are also silent when chasing, so stay alert in this area and keep track of where these Skin-Stealers are.

The one weakness of the Skin-Stealers is that they cannot open doors, so entering a new room and closing the door is the best method of escape if spotted by one. To avoid them all together, make sure you never end up in front of them. Keep track of their locations by noting where the Skin-Stealers flashlights are facing.

Once you navigate your way past these two enemies, you simply need to find the next Transporter.

Step 3: Climbing the Ladder

The Backrooms Level 8: How To Complete The Cave Systems
The ladder near the end of Backrooms Level 8 Cave Systems

In the final area of the level, you will be confronted with a huge hole in the ground. To progress past this point, you should find the ladder nearby that you can climb. Going up this ladder will take the you back to Level 0, where you can keep going in order to reach Level 188 and hit the other side of the ditch. As you keep moving and reach the other side, you should come across the entrance to Level 9 and be done with this tricky level.

And that’s everything you need to know about completing the cave systems in The Backrooms Level 8. Be sure to check out our other articles down below for all the latest news coverage, walkthroughs, and more.

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