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Some of the side missions in Starfield lead you to meeting new people and helping those in need. In ‘Rough Landings‘, you are tasked with helping the Jansen family in Akila. This family is very poor and just needs a helping hand; as well as a job offer to help them get back on their feet. You should find the family’s estranged cousin and see if she can bring the family some good fortune, and we’re here to show you how with our guide on completing the Rough Landings mission in Starfield.

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The Rough Landings side mission in Starfield is optional, but well worth doing as you receive 7500 Credits and 75 XP upon completion — not including any extra booty you scavenge along the way. Before you head out into the stars to begin this mission, make sure you have a ship equipped with good weaponry and some ship parts in case you run into trouble.

Where to Find Marko Jansen

Starfield Akila Stretch
Image Source: Bethesda via Twinfinite

To start the mission, you need to get to Akila in the Cheyenne system and go to Akila City. Once there, Marko Jansen can be found in the poor area of Akila known as The Stretch. If you haven’t visited The Stretch before, you can find it by heading left down an alley between Rowland Arms and Chunks, and then go right and down some stone stairs.

The Stretch is hidden behind much of the main city and is full of huts, and outside one of these huts will be Marko. If you are having trouble finding him, just switch on your scanner and scan every citizen until his name appears.

Speaking to Marko, you will discover he is one of the hostages you saved during the bank robbery. He is very grateful of course, but he’s unhappy because he has no job or money. Offer to help his family and he will tell you about his cousin who flies freight nearby. He says she may be able to help if you can track her down for him.

Let Marko know that you can help him out, and he will point you in the right direction. Head back to your ship and take off, but stay in the Cheyenne system.

How to Help Milena Axelrod Defeat Pirates in Starfield

crimson fleet starfield
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From there, follow the waypoint to Milena’s position. You will find her ship, the Dalliance, in orbit around a planet in Cheyenne. She is surrounded by Crimson Fleet pirates who will need to be dealt with first. If you are part of the Crimson Fleet at this point, they won’t fire on you until you fire first, giving you a chance to get the upperhand. If you are not part of the crew, however, then they will ambush you instantly.

Help Milena get rid of the Crimson Fleet, and then you can board her ship. You might want to scan around and pick up the ship parts and resources left behind by the Crimson Fleet ships you just destroyed first though.

Once you board Milena’s ship, talk to her and tell her about her family; specifically, the fact that they need her help. She is more than happy to go with you as long as you can help her get back into Akila City. You see, Milena is a bit of a scoundrel, and has been in trouble, and this ended with her being blacklisted in Akila City. It is now your job to get her back in favor with the metropolis.

How to Help Milena Work with Akila City Again

Starfield rough landings
Image Source: Bethesda via Twinfinite

From there, go back to Akila City. After arriving, you are faced with two choices: speak to the mayor or speak to the Trade Authority. Your decision will depend on a couple of things. If you have completed the ‘Deputized‘ mission before Rough Landings and become a Freestar Deputy, then your best — and cheapest — option is to speak to the mayor. If you are not yet a Freestar Deputy, the nexty best option is a shady deal with the Trade Authority.

When speaking with the mayor, your options will be:

  • [Pay 5000 Credits] This will take care of the bounty
  • [Freestar Ranger] I’m a Ranger and I’ll vouch for her
  • [Persuade] Everyone deserves a second chance

When speaking with Tom at the Trade Authority, you only have one option: Tom can steal Milena another captain’s identity, and it will cost 1000 Credits. If you don’t have the credits to spare, then you can attempt to use the Persuade option with the Mayor or complete the Deputized mission before advancing further.

Return to Marko

After you’ve taken care of Milena’s bounty, head down to see Marko again who is still standing outside his little hut. Let him know his cousin can work at Akila City again, and he will inform you that Milena has found him a job.

And with that, everyone is happy and you get your reward for completing the Rough Landings mission in Starfield. For more Starfield walkthroughs, guides, and helpful tips, you can peruse our related articles down below.

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