How To Catch An Eel


In this complete guide, we will go over where and how to catch an Eel, as well as what the fish can be used for in Stardew Valley.

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An elongated fish somewhat resembling a snake, eel are one of the higher-selling in Stardew Valley outside of the legendary fish. They are relatively easy to catch as well, though they are not exceptionally common.

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To be able to catch an eel hook, line, and sinker, you’ll need to meet a few different requirements. Below, we have gone over everything you will need.

Where To Find Eel

Image of the location where you can find eel in Stardew Valley at the beach.

Unlike some fish, Eel can be found pretty much anywhere in the ocean or at a beach farm if you have one. This means you can find it at any location along the coast. We especially recommend going to the eastern pier as this is where the most higher-level fish seem to appear.


You will also have to keep in mind that it must be either Fall or Spring to catch an eel, and it must be raining. They will only appear from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., so make sure to plan your trip to the beach wisely.

How To Catch Eel

Image of an eel after being caught at the beach in Stardew Valley.

As we mentioned before, Eel can be found anywhere at the beach as long as you meet the season, time, and weather requirements. Catching them is a relatively simple task, as well.

Even though they are easy to catch, they are not an extremely common fish, so they won’t often appear on your line. However, to have a higher chance of reeling one in, we recommend using bait to attract them. You can either buy some from Willy’s Shop for 5g, or you can make your own.

We also recommend using a bobber to simplify the process even more. The best option for catching eel is the Cork Bobber, as it will extend your fishing bar size. This way, you’ll more likely catch an iridium-quality eel that will sell for a higher price.

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Eel Sell Prices, Recipes, Bundles, & Quests

Image of the sell price of an eel at Willy's Shop in Stardew Valley.

When you have successfully caught an eel, there are many different things that you can use the fish for. You can either sell it, use it for a quest, put it in a recipe, or include it in a bundle. To start, here are the selling prices you will get for eel based on the quality of it and your current occupation.

Eel (Based on Star/Quality)

Regular Sell Price

Fisher Profession Sell Price

Angler Profession Sell Price

Regular Eel

85 g

106 g

127 g

Silver Quality Eel

106 g

132 g

159 g

Gold Quality Eel

127 g

158 g

190 g

Iridium Quality Eel

170 g

212 g

255 g

Below, you’ll find all of the recipes that eel can be included in.



Fried Eel

Eel, Oil

Maki Roll

Any Fish, Seaweed, Rice

Quality Fertilizer

Sap x2, Any Fish


Any Fish

Spicy Eel

Eel, Hot Pepper

Eel can also be used in the Night Fishing Bundle, a donation given to the Junimos inside the old Community Center. To complete the whole bundle, you will need one Walleye, one Bream, and one Eel. In return, you will receive a Small Glow Ring.

Eel will sometimes appear on the ‘Help Wanted’ board as an item delivery quest, as well. Once you deliver the eel to the corresponding villager, you will receive 255 g and 150 friendship points.

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