How to beat and catch Ogerpon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Teal Mask


Ogerpon is the big, not so bad, in the Teal Mask Story, and if you’ve played any other Pokemon games, you know a battle is guaranteed. With all you’ve seen of Ogerpon up until you fight, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s more bark than bite. You’d be wrong. Scarlet and Violet have a reputation for being harder than many mainline Pokemon games, and that trend continues in the DLC. Ogerpon is a tough opponent, so here’s how to beat and catch Ogerpon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Teal Mask.

How to beat and catch Ogerpon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Teal Mask

Thanks to its Masks, Ogerpon has a unique battle mechanic, but the fight plays out much like a Tera Raid. Ogerpon swaps masks through the battle, and each time it does, so does its type. Ogerpon gets a fresh health bar every time, so expect the fight to take a while.

Although Ogerpon’s type changes through the battle, it keeps the same moves. This is what you’re up against:

  • Ivy Cudgel
  • Grassy Terrain
  • Slam
  • Low Kick

Ivy Cudgel is an attack that’s unique to Ogerpon. Although the name implies a Grass attack, its type changes depending on the Mask worn. So you don’t get caught off guard, this is how the Masks affect Ivy Cudgel:

  • Standard – Grass Type
  • Wellspring Mask – Water Type
  • Hearthflame Mask – Fire Type
  • Cornerstone Mask – Rock Type

Grassy Terrain powers up Grass moves and heals each Pokemon a little each turn. Slam is a decent Normal attack, and Low Kick is a powerful Fighting option. Because of the masks, Ogerpon has a ton of coverage, so you’ll likely need a few Pokemon to take it down.

Now you know what Ogerpon is capable of, the best strategy I can offer is to pick counters for each type listed above. For example, you can use an Electric Type against the Wellspring Mask and Water against the Hearthflame and Cornerstone Masks. Beware of Ogerpon’s Low Kick, as it’s Super Effective against Normal, Rock, Dark, Ice, and Steel. 

There’s a lot to remember, but ultimately, you have an entire squad against a single Pokemon. Unlike Tera Raids, there’s no timer to worry about either. As long as you keep your team healed and maintain your type advantages, you’ll add Ogerpon to your collection in no time.

Image by PC Invasion

How to catch Ogerpon 

If you’re reading ahead to learn what Pokeballs to use to catch Ogerpon, you needn’t worry. After your epic battle, you can catch Ogerpon in any ball you wish. It’s up to you if you want to spend a fancy Ball or humiliate with a basic Pokeball.

After your battle, you’re rapidly approaching the post-game where hardcore Trainers try to complete their Pokedexes. If you need help with that, check out our extensive Pokedex completion guide.


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