How the God of Light Fits Into the Marvel Universe

In the latest issue of King in Black, the God of Light was revealed in a way that changes how a powerful cosmic entity fits into the Marvel Universe.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for King in Black #4, by Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer, Frank Martin, and VC’s Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

After mowing through a formidable list of heroes that includes Thor and the Sentry, Knull finally has his back against the ropes thanks to the arrival of the God of Light.

In King in Black #4, the God of Light was revealed to be the cosmic entity, the Enigma Force, which empowers characters with the abilities of Captain Universe. Making its way to earth in order to bond with Eddie Brock, the Uni-Power’s arrival and reveal as the God of Light completely changes how the cosmic force and symbiotes fit into the Marvel Universe, while also providing the heroes a path to victory against one of their most powerful challenges yet.

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While Dylan Brock initially seemed to gain the upper hand against Knull, the dark god recovered and looked to regain his advantage once the X-Men’s Jean Grey entered his mind and saw a vision of his past victories. However, at the end of her vision, the highly anticipated God of Light finally arrives and is able to get to Earth once the Silver Surfer breaks through Knull’s symbiote barrier. It is then revealed that the God of Light is the extremely powerful and enigmatic Captain Universe, and it has chosen Eddie Brock as its new host. It is also revealed that Captain Universe is a symbiote, the light opposite to Knull’s darkness.

First appearing in Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden’s Micronauts #8 in 1979, Captain Universe is effectively a cosmic power known as the Uni-Power which is a part of the Enigma Force, and in turn, a part of the Universe itself. It seeks out those who are in great peril and bonds with them, speaking to the potential for heroism in all beings, while imbuing them with great cosmic power. Despite its long history, there seems to be no pattern for its appearances. Plenty of heroes have taken on the mantle of Captain Universe, including Doctor Strange, the Hulk, Invisible Woman, Susan Storm, X-23, the Silver Surfer and both Spider-Men, and the Captain Universe powers have helped the good guys come out on top in previous universe shattering events like Annihilation, Infinity, and Spider-Geddon.

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As opposed to Knull, who created thousands of symbiotes to absorb hosts into his hive, the Enigma Force decided to pour its power into a single host.

It’s choosing of a legally dead Eddie Brock as its host is consistent with a symbiote’s abilities to reanimate dead bodies, but it also implies his survival and his role in the eventual defeat of Knul. The reveal changes a lot in the Marvel Universe, with plenty of other changes likely to come as the King in Black event comes to an end.

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