How Do I Make My Scholarship Application Stand Out?

Winning a scholarship helps you reduce your education cost burden. And when a scholarship fully covers your curricular and non-curricular activities, plus maintenance, then, you peacefully invest your energy in achieving your dreams. Scholarships main objective is to nurture meritorious needy students like you.

However, the process of applying for a scholarship is quite challenging due to the increased cost of education, which in turn adds the number of students who need financial support to complete their education. Therefore, for you to win a scholarship nowadays, you have to make your scholarship application stand out. In this article, you will learn the tips to make your scholarship application stand out. Let’s get started.

  1.       Request Letter of Recommendation

School Scholarship form  backed with a recommendation makes you more qualified. However, asking for recommendation from someone is, at times, challenging. It is even worse if you ask someone without authority enough.

Whenever asking for a recommendation, ask someone who knows your strengths well. Your teachers or friends can be a good choice here. The first attempt might be the only challenging part, and when the money starts flowing to your school account, you only need to relax and focus on achieving your dreams.

All the same, there are more ways to make your scholarship application even better as you will continue learning.  

  1.       Understand the Process

While looking for a scholarship in India, you will find yourself more qualified to some scholarships than others. And one way to increase your chances of securing a scholarship, you need to understand the main types of scholarships which include:

  • Merit-based: they are majorly private funded scholarships and awarded according to performance and prioritize the top performers. It can 
  • similarly support you if you are well talented in a given area like in theatre or athletics.   
  • Need-based: this type is determined by a student’s financial needs.
  • Luck-based: you may benefit from this type of scholarship if you are lucky. Winners are selected randomly using the same criteria to ensure all the participants have equal chances.

Knowing the various types of scholarships, you can simply apply to the one that will majorly help you achieve your dream. For that reason, you will not waste time filling out scholarship types not meant to solve your needs. Continue reading to learn more about how to select person-specific scholarships. 

  1.       Apply For Scholarships That Suits You

There exists a variety of scholarships in India, some supporting co-curricular and other extracurricular activities. To know the scholarship that is helpful to you, ask your school counsellor.

Applying for the scholarships that were specifically designed for you increases your chances of winning one. You have spent a lot of time looking for a scholarship, and for that reason, it is unfair to send a scholarship that will never be considered.   

  • Assumption with most students while applying for a scholarship is that “I come from a minority community; I will automatically win a scholarship”. Another student may say, “I come from a developing country, or I am disadvantaged or poor, and therefore, I will definitely be considered in the issue of scholarships”.
  • Bitter truth: that is never the case. Scholarships are never given, they are earned. For that reason, you have to demonstrate your potential and qualifications to be given one. Why? The giver is a stranger to you and may find it hard giving money to everyone who says needs it. Therefore, scholarship companies set aside ways of proving if the beneficiary is genuine.

On the other hand, some students argue that there are too many qualified students chasing a few scholarships.

Some of the qualifications you should meet include:

  • Be from the country the scholarship supplier supports.
  • Some scholarships will require you to have attained a certain age gap to benefit from either of its scholarships, whereas others need no set age limit.
  • You should meet the academics score as per the scholarship’s requirement.
  1.       Write an Engaging and Original Scholarship Easy

Not a must you be a veteran writer to write a good scholarship easy. Nevertheless, you will have to put in some effort to come up with content that sells you and explains why you need the scholarship more than anyone else.

To create an engaging and original scholarship easy, you should make it personal by adding impactful details. Also, be keen on details. And when you clearly and concisely explain who you are, your scholarship will stand out from the crowd.

Additionally, avoid copying your previous scholarship and submit it since every scholarship differs and prompts are different also. Your teachers will similarly note if you copy.

  1.       Proofread Before Submitting

Even if you fill your scholarship form with details that are convincing enough to win you a scholarship, but fail to proofread, you may end up messing the whole process.

Therefore, you should always proofread your scholarship forms and essay, correct punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors the best way possible. Treat any other document that you will submit. On the same note, double-check your papers to ensure you have filled all the necessary prompts in all your files.

To further polish your documents:

  • Read your scholarship aloud: It will help you do away with grammatical errors and wordy sentences that you might have missed while editing.
  • For much better results, share your scholarship essay with your teacher, parent or a friend. Either will similarly help you catch more errors.
  • Ensure you have ticked all the boxes in your scholarship application form.

Proofreading is an essential aspect of writing your scholarship essay and submitting all other needed documents. It makes your papers look professional and presentable. 

Bravo. You have learned how to make your scholarship application stand out. It is now a high time you put it into practice and win that scholarship.  

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