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If you’ve ever had to find your way through a maze before, you know that it can sometimes be stressful and tough. In Hogwarts Legacy, there are a few hedge mazes that might have you running in circles in confusion.

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With five different mazes across the Highlands, we will give you a few pointers to help you reach the treasure. These hedge mazes are relatively brief, so you’ll be able to get all five in a short amount of time.


Location Of All Hedge Mazes

The hedge mazes in the Highlands of Hogwarts Legacy will not initially be labeled on your map, so you’ll have to find them by exploring. However, we will provide you with the location of all 5 mazes here, so you can find them quickly and complete them all.

Hogsmeade Valley Hedge Maze

Image of the location on the map of the hedge maze near Upper Hogsfield in Hogwarts Legacy.

The first hedge maze can be discovered in the Hogsmeade Valley region. Arrive at the Upper Hogsfield Floo Flame, and then head east to the area marked on the map. It will be near to a giant purple toad den on the map.

South Hogwarts Region Hedge Maze

Image of the location on the map of the maze in Lower Hogsfield in Hogwarts Legacy.

Next up, we have the hedge maze located in the South Hogwarts Region. Use the Lower Hogsfield Floo Flame, and then head southwest to the marked area on the map. This one should be easy to spot, as it is nearby to a large range of mountains.

South Sea Bog Hedge Maze

Image of the location on the map of the Northern South Sea Bog hedge maze in Hogwarts Legacy.

To find this hedge maze, you’ll want to visit the South Sea Bog region in the Highlands. Use the Northern South Sea Bog Floo Flame, and make your way southeast to reach the maze. You’ll pass by a Merlin Trial and treasure vault on your way here.

Poidsear Coast Hedge Maze

Image of the location on the map of the maze near Phoenix Mountain Cave in Hogwarts Legacy.

The next hedge maze can be found in the Poidsear Coast region in the southern area of the map. Take the Phoenix Mountain Cave Floo Flame to reach the correct location, and then head directly south to reach the hedge maze. It’ll be past an ancient magic spot, and next to a small forest.

Cragcroftshire Hedge Maze

Image of the location on the map of the hedge maze near Cragcroft in Hogwarts Legacy.

The last maze you can find in Hogwarts Legacy will be in the Cragcroftshire region, at the very bottom tip of the map. Use the Cragcroft Floo Flame, and then head directly south again. The hedge maze will be on a small island nearby to the water below.

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How To Complete The Hedge Maze Puzzles

Image of the treasure chest found in a hedge maze in Hogwarts Legacy.

Unfortunately, there’s no way for us to give direct walkthroughs for each individual hedge maze as they are randomized for everyone and change often. However, we can provide you with a few tips to help you solve the puzzles on your own and grab your treasure.

Firstly, you will be looking for a treasure chest rather than trying to reach the end of the maze. Once you find the chest, the hedge maze will disappear around you, so you won’t have to find your way out.

Image of the spell Revelio being used to find a treasure chest in a maze in Hogwarts Legacy.

The treasure chests hidden in here are particularly large, so use Revelio often to see exactly where the treasure chest is hidden. This will give you an idea of what pathways to walk down, instead of aimlessly walking down every trail only to turn up empty. You’ll want to approach the front side of the treasure chest when searching for it, as the treasure chest is usually up against a wall, so you won’t be able to reach it from its back side.

As long as you keep using Revelio, you shouldn’t struggle too much with finding the treasure chest. The mazes are quite small, so even if you aren’t close to the treasure chest, it will most likely not be that far away. The chests are often found towards the center of the maze, so search down the paths leading to the center the most often. If there’s one maze you are having difficulty completing, you can reset the maze by leaving and coming back or loading a previous save.

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