Higan: Eruthyll tier list – pick the proper characters



S Tier

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S Tier contains the strongest characters in Higan: Eruthyll. Having one or even several units from this Tier in your team will significantly help you win most battles. But, of course, getting and upgrading these characters is quite difficult.

  • Sirslet
  • Eluya
  • Gyldan
  • Screamer
  • Kloar
  • Media
  • Liv
  • Moetesju
  • Basell
  • Ceaser


She is an Assassin class character. Eluya is an Umbra-type and can deal massive damage to enemies. Her burst damage is one of the best in Higan: Eruthyll. She can also cast Infirm on enemies – the only unit with this ability currently in the game.


Gyldan is an Umbra-type, Caster class character. She uses Amethyst Barrier in combat and can deal a lot of damage to opponents while being the best tank in the game.


Screamer is a Pyro-type Adiutrix class character who performs well as a support. She also can buff the team and heal them. In other words, Screamer will allow your team to survive for a very long time.


A Tier

Fene character in Higan: Eruthyll

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The characters in A Tier are also very strong but they are a little weaker than those in the S Tier, obviously. Using them you will be able to win most battles. And with the right builds, some of the A Tiers’ characters can shine just like those in the S Tiers.

  • Fene
  • Kueen
  • Eupheria
  • Isa
  • Black
  • Rita
  • Armand
  • Kear
  • Folleett
  • Hathor


Fene is a Pyro-type Ranger character who makes good use of AoE attacks and deals a lot of burst damage as well.


Eupheria is a Pyro-type, Hoplite class character and an excellent tank. Her AoE attacks and Shield make her a very useful character in Higan: Eruthyll.


Isa is an Ice-type Caster class character, boasting the best crowd control in the game. Also, Isa can deal good damage and inflict debuffs.


B Tier

Rocco - Higan: Eruthyll

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In the B Tier, you will find medium-strength characters. However, they are far from universal and are only effective against certain enemies. Despite that, when used correctly, B Tier characters can be very useful.

  • Ciamkom
  • Rooco
  • Mireya
  • Nuno
  • Mommel
  • Codier


Ciamkom is an Ice-type Caster class character with decent damage. He is also the only character in Higan: Eruthyll who can spawn minions.


Rooco is a Lumino-type Adiutrix class character and useful support. She can restore the health of the whole team, helping them survive longer.


Mireya is an Ice-type Ranger class character capable of dishing out a lot of damage. Additionally, she can inflict debuffs on her foes when unleashing her attacks.


C Tier

Cella character at the bottom of the Higan: Eruthyll tier list

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Usually, the weakest characters are at the bottom of the tier list. But in the case of Higan: Eruthyll, there are some useful characters in this Tier. They can only be strong in certain conditions and against certain enemies, though. So, if possible, use a character from higher tiers.


Asa is a Lumino-type Adiutrix class character with several AoE effects. He is also a useful healer in the early stages of the game.


Cella is an Anemo-type Adiutrix class character who can heal the whole group. On top of that, she can also grant her allies a Shield.


Ume is an Ice-type Hoplite class character who can deal explosive damage. What’s more, Ume can interrupt enemies’ attacks, which can be incredibly useful.

As you can see, in Higan: Eruthyll the characters are quite balanced. Most are very strong and can be effective in all modes, while the rest are strong only in certain situations. However, there are no super weak characters in the game. Therefore, by properly creating teams, you will be able to win with any unit in Higan: Eruthyll.

That’s our complete tier list for Higan: Eruthyll. You can immediately aim for the best character, right after you start it up if you follow our advice. And make sure to pre-register to get additional goodies from the developers when it releases.


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