HBO’s The Last Of Us: What Is FEDRA?


What is the oppressive FEDRA organization in HBO’s The Last of Us and how does it impact Joel and Ellie?

The first episode of HBO’s The Last Of Us introduced us to not only the infected that dominate most of the world but also the oppressive government soldiers that keep the citizens in line and maintain some order, named FEDRA. FEDRA is another antagonist for Joel, Ellie, and Tess to deal with, and it’s clear they will go to extreme lengths to maintain order.

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FEDRA protects and maintains order within the quarantine zones, which are city districts walled off from the outside world to keep the infected away from what’s left of the human population. We see that outsiders can enter these quarantine zones, but if you test positive for the virus, FEDRA will ensure you’re no longer a threat.


FEDRA Origins

Soliders Outisde The Gate To Boston

FEDRA rose to power soon after the infection initially broke out in the US, declaring martial law and taking complete control. FEDRA represents what is left of the government and military and has since become the biggest organized power in the US. FEDRA forced the remaining uninfected people into major cities, which were then walled off and became quarantine zones. As time has passed, FEDRA has become more oppressive, using force and violence to keep the population in check.

FEDRA’s sole purpose is to maintain some form of organized civilization and protect what is left of the human population. After the outbreak, the old currency system was abandoned, and new FEDRA currencies were introduced to maintain an internal economy for each quarantine zone. They also control the rations of a quarantine zone, limiting the food available to the inhabitants and requiring them to rely further on FEDRA. FEDRA initially tried to maintain contact between the quarantine zones to keep the major cities and human population connected, but as time has passed, the zones have become disconnected, and FEDRA has splintered and isolated within each quarantine zone.

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FEDRA In The Show

Tess, Joel, and Ellie On Their Knees In Front Of A FEDRA Solider

After 20 years of the infection dominating the human population, FEDRA has taken major hits to both infrastructure and resources. That being said, FEDRA does keep the best weapons and resources for themselves. Operating as the remnants of the military, FEDRA has access to fully automatic weapons, vehicles, and riot gear, among other resources helpful in fighting off the infected. As FEDRA keeps the population locked in the quarantine zones, they see no need to share their resources and weapons with the citizens.

FEDRA is currently fighting off the Firefly insurgents that are appearing within the city of Boston, where Joel is. These attacks lead to all-out gunfights in the streets, and FEDRA quickly arrests anyone who even seems to be involved in these situations. While FEDRA protects its citizens, they are greatly disliked by the citizens, many of whom have no choice but to live under this martial law that protects them from the infected outside.

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