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Retro game fans need to have a rummage through their collection as one super rare game is now worth £100,000. Retro gaming website PriceCharting, which tracks how the value of countess games have changed over time, have released their latest Hot Items list. This rounds-up the games which have increased in value the most during the past week, and there is one standout.

The game that has increased the most in value in the past seven days is SNK’s classic side-scrolling shooter Metal Slug.

While you can get this classic game on numerous consoles for a low price digitally these days, it’s the arcade perfect version for the Neo Geo AES home console that is in high demand.

According to PriceCharting, a loose version (i.e cart only) of Metal Slug is now worth a staggering £16,986.58.

This is for the American version of Metal Slug, and if you either have a new version or a complete edition you’ll get even more money.

A complete in box version of Metal Slug which has the box, manual, cart and any inserts that were included is now worth around £50,000.

While a brand new version is worth £100,000 and a graded version is £110,000.

Neo Geo games are rare to find, so the chances of this game being in your collection is probably slim.

However, if you do have this game or any other Neo Geo games you could sell them and make a massive profit.

While Metal Slug is, according to PriceCharting records, the most expensive Neo Geo game around you can still sell plenty of other games for the iconic console and make a profit.

The Neo Geo, if you haven’t heard of it, was a console that released during the era of the Mega Drive and SNES.

What separated the Neo Geo from its contemporaries was offering a literally arcade perfect version of a game that you could play in your home.

However, this came at a price with the console launching in the US in 1991 with a eye-watering price of $649.99.

That’s the equivalent of around $1,400 / £1,172 in today’s money.

In case you’re wondering, here’s a list of the most expensive Neo Geo games around with prices for loose, complete in box and new editions.

Prices below are for the US versions with Japan versions of the same games having different prices.

And, if you’re thinking of trying to pick up any of the below games to turn over a quick profit be careful.

You might see some of the below games listed on eBay at a far cheaper price but these could be repro versions of a game.

Repro is short for reproduction, meaning these aren’t official versions of a game – just copies – so won’t have the same value.

Be sure to do plenty of checks into whether a retro game is genuine or not before forking out money, especially if it’s a significant amount…


Metal Slug – Loose price £16,986.58, complete in box price £50,014.09, new price £100,028.19

Neo Turf Masters – Loose price £11,768.00, complete in box price £25,892.12, new price £51,784.34

Stakes Winner – Loose price £5,841.98, complete in box price £8,594.86, new price £17,189.72

Double Dragon – Loose price £2,473.22, complete in box price £5,441.05, new price £10,882.06

Kizuna Encounter – Loose price £1,933.32, complete in box price £4,253.30, new price £8,506.60

Samurai Shodown V – Loose price £1,474.83, complete in box price £3,244.62, new price £6,489.22

Garou: Mark of the Wolves – Loose price £3,086.77, complete in box price £3,231.53, new price £6,463.17

Metal Slug X – Loose price £1,513.03, complete in box price £3,194.18, new price £6,388.35

World Heroes Perfect – Loose price £1,448.65, complete in box price £3,187.03, new price £6,374.07

Last Blade 2 – Loose price £517.79, complete in box price £2,852.48, new price £5,704.97


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