Google Calendar brings two new features for better organisation among employees

Internet search giant Google has announced that it is going to add new options to its Calendar platform with an aim to make it easier to communicate their work availability.
The company has added two features. First is creating repeated out of office entries. The option to repeat out of office entries expands the feature from logging vacation schedules to indicating time when users need to handle personal commitments—like childcare, exercise, and more. Google says that they can also be used to better communicate part-time availability or certain days when they are consistently unavailable.
Secondly, the Calendar platform will allow users to split their working hours into multiple segments each day. Users will be able to use segmentable working hours to indicate when certain blocks of time are outside of their working hours.

While the working hour segments will only be available on the web, the option to repeat out of office entries will be available on the web as well as Android devices.
“As many people have experienced changes to their working environments in the past year, their work schedules have also changed—and are now often mixed with personal commitments and other obligations. We hope that with the addition of repeating out of office entries and segmentable working hours, you can better organize your time and communicate availability to your colleagues,” said Google in a blog post.

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