God Of War Ragnarok: Scent Of Survival Walkthrough


There are many different Favors for players to complete in God of War Ragnarok, and some are more difficult than others.

There are many areas to explore in Vanaheim, but not all of them are accessible at first. Some will require you to obtain new gear, while others require the completion of certain story events.

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After completing the main quest Creatures of Habit, you will automatically unlock the Favor – Scent of Survival upon returning to Freyr’s camp. Helka, Lunda’s hound companion, is hot on the trail of a fallen friend, and you’ll need to follow her if you want to find them. This guide will show you how to complete the mission and access a new area on the map.


Cross The River

Kratos looks at tracks as they lead across the river

Start by following Helka out of the camp where you’ll find her tracks on the edge of the river bank. You can approach the tracks by pressing the circle button, which will help show you the general direction they are moving. Each set of tracks you find on this trail will give you the option to view them by pressing the circle button, though this is not necessary each time as you can just visually follow where they are pointing.

Hop in the boat and cross the river where you’ll see Helka as she runs ahead. As you hop out of the boat, you’ll see the next set of tracks leading you forward. These will lead you into a wide clearing where you can navigate left or right.

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Through The Overgrowth

Kratos runs after Helka's Trail

From here, the tracks continue left, through an overgrown passageway. After walking through it, continue following the trail around to find the next set leading you through a small tunnel. Crouch and follow it through. Continue down the trail past a moveable, collapsed pillar. There is only one direction to go from here, so follow this path and grab the red chest on the right and keep moving forward.

Use The Altar

Kratos follows trail of Helka Up a ledge

In the next area, you see her footprints going up a wall to the right and a ledge with some overgrown roots to the left. You’ll need to head up to the right and change the area from night to day by using the altar. As the sky turns to day, the overgrown roots that were halting your progress recede. From here, drop down from the altar and turn right to see the ledge. Climb up and follow the bridge of roots until you see a clearing.

Ride The Paper Boat

Kratos approaches Helka on the edge of a cliff

After reaching the other side of the bridge, you’ll find Helka at the edge of a cliff looking out over the valley. Make sure to read the runes on the left before you walk up to Helka. Upon reaching her, the quest will end, giving you and Atreus some XP and more importantly, access to a new area – The Crater. Approach the whirlwind on the edge of the cliff and use the paper boat Freyr gave you to sail into the new area.

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