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Square Enix held the FFXIV Letter from the Producer Live Part LXIX (69) this March 4, 2022, with new details on Patch 6.1 shared by Naoki Yoshida alias YoshiP.

We will keep updating this article with new information and comments from Naoki Yoshida as the stream goes on, so be sure to refresh this page regularly. Note that this article might contain minor story or gameplay spoilers for Endwalker and 6.0’s Main Story Quest. The stream had no live translation of YoshiP’s comments, so everything below was translated by yours truly. Update: The stream has ended, you can find our full summary below.

On the test stream, Naoki Yoshida jokingly mentioned he’s feeling older as he’s having trouble these days remembering the characters’ names when working on quests.

Elden Ring | Live Action Trailer



Elden Ring | Live Action Trailer






FFXIV 6.1 patch notes, key visual and title revealed: Newfound Adventure

YoshiP specified they just put together a bunch of Jobs on the key visual for the feeling of adventure. It doesn’t mean all these Jobs will get changed or get new content in 6.1.

FFXIV Patch 6.1 release date estimate

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.1 Newfound Adventure will release in mid-April; A specific release date will be announced soon. YoshiP mentioned several players had managed to guess the patch’s title before the reveal.

Patch 6.1 New quests details, screenshots

Main Story Quest

The story of Patch 6.1 will take place a few months after the events of 6.0. Two main quest screenshots were revealed:


YoshiP explained most of the sidequests will focus on all the characters we helped so far and who helped us back in 6.0.

New Role Quests

New Tribal Quests

YoshiP explained the renaming in-game from “Beast Quests” to “Tribal Quests” isn’t done yet for the UI. They’ll be done by Patch 6.2.

Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures (Patch 6.15)

A new screenshot of Hildi was revealed too.

New Omega Quest

This will be like a bonus for those who cleared Beyond the Rift Omega 6.0.

FFXIV Letter from the Producer Live LXIX: What’s to come in FFXIV Patch 6.1

These improvements will be detailed in the second half of the stream.

New content and dungeons

New Instance Dungeon

YoshiP explained the new dungeon is linked to the main story, so they want to keep the surprise so players don’t know where we’ll go next. That’s why the dungeon’s name is a secret for now.

New Trial: The Endsinger’s Aria

YoshiP said they’re done balancing the Trial, he played and cleared it himself too. The trial is pretty difficult, but it’s hard to balance them at this point because if you made it any easier then it wouldn’t fit with the story elements. Story-wise this is supposed to be difficult.

Level 90 content: New Unreal Trial Ultima’s Bane

YoshiP explained in the past you could clear this even if you ignored some of the gimmicks, but that won’t be the case anymore now. They tried to keep the same feel as before too for the response time.

New Alliance Raid: Myth of the Realm #1

A single screenshot was shared:

YoshiP said the screenshot is vague on purpose. They could have shown another one that’s more explicit and it’d reveal too much.

New Ultimate Duty in Patch 6.11, Dragonsong’s Reprise

Three screenshots were shared:

YoshiP: “We’ve tried to take your feedback into account as much as possible for these changes. we’ll detail the Job Adjustments on the next Producer Live”.

FFXIV PvP update in 6.1

YoshiP: “The new PvP rewards system will be explained on the next Producer Live.”

New Custom Deliveries coming in 6.15

You’ll be able to change Ameliance’s outfit into a butler’s too.

Ishgard Housing

Adventurer Plates: A new way to introduce yourself and Roleplay in FFXIV

These are character cards basically. A new way to introduce yourself to other players. You’ll be able to heavily customize them and even show a different Job or two Jobs depending on the situation.

YoshiP said they’re getting carried away with this system and are adding so much customization it’s still in dev and they can’t show an example today. It’ll be particularly nice for those into RP.

The Unending Codex

YoshiP said they’re adding this because 6.0 was a big turn and end of the arc so far. This way players will be able to easily remember and check the stories of all the past characters. Players who skip the story could still check some info on the characters too. And lastly, seeing the game has been ongoing for 10 years, there’s a lot of background story to remember. So these will work as lore memo notes.

Data Center Travel release patch confirmed: Patch 6.18

Miscellaneous updates including new Viera hairstyles

YoshiP: We only wrote Hrothgar on the slide but we’re preparing Viera new hairstyles too.

New Dream Fitting feature to preview FFXIV Online Store items

You can now preview the outfits and cosmetics buyable in Mog Station. You can only use the new Dream Fitting feature when sleeping at inns. YoshiP didn’t want to include an NPC in each city that would let you preview the outfits because it’d break immersion and the worldbuilding.

That’s when the first half of the Producer Live Part LXIX stream ended. They showed the Bahamut projection from five years ago during break time. YoshiP shared some anecdotes about it and mentioned it cost Square Enix tons of money back then. It was also his first time getting interviewed on TV, so he was really nervous and stuttered. YoshiP: “That was five years ago but it feels so long ago with how the world changed now, but I’m sure we’ll be able to go back to these times one day”.

FFXIV Letter from the Producer Live LXIX: Improvements for the FFXIV A Realm Reborn Main Scenario Quests

Part 2 of the live stream started with detailing the improvements coming to the A Realm Reborn MSQ.

Duty Support System

The party members on this screen will change automatically depending on your own role.

Improved graphics

The graphics will get improved as well. Two work-in-progress screenshots were shared:

Major revisions to duties

Changes to Main Scenario Roulette

YoshiP said they thought of removing the Roulette entirely but then changed their minds.

Data Center Travel in FFXIV explained

Cross-World Linkshells

They’re still working on Cross-World Linkshells and it’ll be fully implemented in Patch 6.2.

How to Data Center Travel starting Patch 6.18

You’ll only be able to data center traveler from the character select screen. The screenshot above shows the development server’s names so it got blurred.

Then, you’ll get a loading screen. It can take several minutes, sometimes up to 30 minutes if the servers are very busy.

The next segment focused on the expansion of the Japanese servers. Check the stream if you’re interested.

Little Ladies’ Day release date

Little Ladies’ Day, which is the White Day event of FFXIV, will start on March 14 and end on March 31.

Final Fantasy XIV is hiring French and German translators

YoshiP added it’s a huge plus if you’re playing FFXIV yourself and have a deep knowledge of the story so far. That’s why they’re announcing this during the Producer Live stream, to hire players.

YoshiP ended the Producer Live stream saying he hopes we’ll keep enjoying FFXIV, most notably by sharing our predictions on how the story will develop from now on.

That’s all for our FFXIV Letter from the Producer Live LXIX summary. Are you hyped for Patch 6.1? Tell me in the comments below and reach out to me directly on Twitter @A_iyane07.

Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live Part LXIX stream


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