Dragon Ball Super Just Made a Big Reveal About The Namekian Race’s Origins

Dragon Ball Super just made a big reveal about the Namekian race that may just change the Dragon Ball franchise as we know it! Namkeians have always played a pivotal role in Dragon Ball – although, it is a role that has definitely evolved over time. They began as demonic King Piccolo’s “Demon Clan” in the original Dragon Ball series before we learned of their actual alien origin story. Now Dragon Ball Super is taking the Namekian evolution a step further: the new manga Chapter 69 dropped the reveal that thinking of Namekians as aliens is far too reductive – because Universe 7 is not their true home.

Warning Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 SPOILERS Follow!

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super explores “The Evolution of Planet Cereal” the home planet of Dragon Ball‘s newest warrior, Granola. Freeza ordered the Freeza Force (and its Saiyan marauders) to annihilate the Cerealian people, which left Granola’s people decimated. After the Planet Cereal was sold off to a new race of people Granola was forced to retreat to the wilderness, where he lives with an old Namekian – a Namekian who has created his own pair of Dragon Balls, which Granola uses to upset the balance of power in the universe.

During the reveal of Granola’s Namekian roommate and some new Dragon Balls in the universe, Dragon Ball Super also takes back for a scene on New Namek. As the Namekians continue to recover from Moro’s destruction of the planet, the elders are teaching the young ones the true history of their people, and their connection to the Dragon Balls:

“Today you’re going to learn more about Dragon Balls,” the elder Namekian tells his class. “Sets of Dragon Balls vary in size and number depending on who created them…”

When asked by a student if there are other sets of Dragon Balls in the universe besides the Namekian set, the elder reveals that yes Earth has its set (under Dende’s care) and that there likely more sets of Dragon Balls scattered across the universe, as well.

That’s when the elder reveals the truth about where their race actually comes from: turns out Namekians are beings from a different dimension, who came to Universe 7:

“You see, we Namekians moved to this universe from another realm altogether, and I’ve heard that some settled in places far from Planet Namek… They may yet live, or perhaps they were wiped out ages ago.”

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The exact translation of the word “realm” is important in this case. We know there are Namekians throughout Universe 7 – but also in Universe 6 (see: The Tournament of Power Arc). So is the Namekian home realm simply one of the different universes? Or another “realm” in the same sense of the angelic/godly and demonic realms? It would be a very weird full-circle turn if Dragon Ball brought Namekians back to their demonic beginnings – but hey, that could be exactly where we are headed…

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