Cult Of The Lamb: How To Beat Leshy


Leshy is the first of the four Bishops of the Old Faith that players have to kill in Cult of the Lamb. He is not the first boss in the game, as there are three before him in the Darkwood area. This is, however, the first boss that will put everything players have learned to the test.

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Leshy isn’t that difficult to beat, but if players do not take him seriously or do not have an understanding of his moves, they will end up having to redo the entire dungeon. Well, this guide will teach players how to deal with both of Leshy’s Phases in Cult of the Lamb.

Phase One

These are the moves that players can expect from Leshy in phase one, and here’s how you can counter them:

  • Leshy will make a move where he digs underground and launches giant spikes out of the floor in the direction he is heading.
    • If the lamb is caught in this, it will take half a heart of damage.
    • A simple dodge allows players to go over this move or get out of the way.
  • The boss will growl and summon worm-like enemies.
    • Remember that these enemies’ main moves involve jumping or lunging at the player.
    • These added enemies don’t get too out of hand, but if they start becoming bothersome, players need to take them out while making sure they aren’t open for Leshy.
    • This can be done by guiding their attacks to an area where Leshy isn’t zoning.
  • Leshy will shoot a barrage of fireballs.
    • These do an AOE attack that hits a lot of tiny areas.
    • The areas will be marked, so this move can be easily dodged.
    • While he is doing this, players can stand close to him and deal big damage.
  • The boss will shoot spikes in a star shape.
    • Leshy will pop out of the floor and charge up spikes to shoot.
    • These will go in a star-shaped direction, which can be used for a player to get close.
    • This will be one of the main moves players want to take advantage of for landing significant damage.

Phase Two

Once Leshy gets to half health, these are the moves he’ll let out:

  • He will shoot out a circle of spikes that goes until it hits the edge of the map.
    • This move is super easy to dodge as players can dodge right through the spikes and get some free damage.
    • This move is telegraphed by the screen moving sideways.
      • Players must make sure they stay away from him when he first does it. After that, they should slide in as they head toward them.
  • Leshy will fly up into the air and slam back into the ground.
    • This is shown by a red circle on the floor.
      • Leshy will follow players to try and land on them.
    • Players can do nothing but dodge this.
  • He has a move where he pounds the floor three times.
    • This move can be easily seen, and players get enough time to react.
    • If the lamb goes behind Leshy, then Leshy won’t be able to hit the lamb.
  • In this second stage, it seems like his growl summons even more enemies.
    • If these start to overwhelm you, take some of them out, but you should not make these their main focus as they will keep respawning.


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