Cookie Run Kingdom: Twizzly Gummy Cookie Toppings and Beascuits guide


  • You always want to give her a lot of Crit and ATK or Elec. DMG.
  • Aim for a little bit of DMG Reduction as your Topping sub-stats, so she can survive for longer.
  • Try to pair her up with other Electric-type Cookies, and use the Grim-looking Electrifying Scythe Treasure.

Behold, the spicy Twizzly Gummy Cookie! Today we’ll check out the best toppings and Beascuits for her, and how you can successfully use her for Guild Boss, as well as some Tower levels.

Twizzly Gummy Cookie has been around for quite a while now, since she was introduced to CRK back in 2021, but she’s only just come alive (again) with the addition of the Electric element, and the enhancements given to Electric Cookies. 

twizzly gummy cookie story

About Twizzly Gummy Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Twizzly Gummy Cookie is a Ranged cookie, and she is a great damage dealer when equipped with the right Toppings and Beascuits. She is positioned in the Rear line, but she will most often go to the MiddleShe’s an Epic cookie, and promoting her is fairly easy. You can acquire Twizzly Gummy from the gacha, from the Arena shop, Mileage Shop Rainbow Shell Gallery, or by clearing Stages 13-21 and 17-21 Dark Mode. You can get her Soulcores from Master Mode 4-6.


Twizzly Beam twizzly beam skill icon
Twizzly Gummy Cookie overloads her Electrojelly Gun and fires a powerful electrifying laser beam. While Twizzly Gummy Cookie is using her skill, her CRIT DMG is increased and enemies hit by her laser beam will be Zapped. This is a non-stackable debuff that deals periodic damage and temporarily disrupts HP Shields. While Twizzly Gummy Cookie is charging her laser, she will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.
  • Single Hit DMG (Cookies): 7.7%
  • Single Hit DMG (Others):  4.6%
  • Skill CRIT DMG: +350.0%
  • Zap: 2.8% DMG every 1.0 sec for 7.0 sec. Nullifies HP Shield.

Twizzly Gummy Cookie Magic Candy

Requirements to craft at Magic Laboratory:

  • 3x Purity Crystals
  • 11x Sugar Cubes

Twizzly Gummy Cookie’s Magic Candy will increase her damage, Crit, as well as the stacks of Zap on the enemy. With a maxed-out Magic Candy, she will deal a lot of damage and is worthy of having on your team for certain stages.

The best Toppings for Twizzly Gummy Cookie 

twizzly gummy cookie toppings setup

One of the main Toppings you want to use on Twizzly Gummy Cookie is the Crit (Juicy Apple Jelly), but you can also make Searing Raspberry (DMG) work.

  • 5x Juicy Apple Jelly with ATK, Crit, ATK Speed, DMG Reduction, or Cooldown
  • 5x Searing Raspberry with ATK, Crit, DMG Reduction pr ATK Speed

You should always try to have a combination of Crit + ATK + DMG Reduction on her, because sadly Twizzly Gummy is extremely squishy. You want to avoid getting one-hit by the enemies, so a little bit of DMG Reduction goes a long way.

Twizzly Gummy Cookie best Beascuit setup

twizzly gummy cookie beascuit setup

I recommend getting her a regular Beascuit with ATK and Crit, but you can also go for a Thunderous Beascuit, and go full Electric DMG.

Try to get any of these stats in a Legendary Light Beascuit:

  • ATK
  • Crit
  • ATK Speed
  • DMG Reduction

If you got a Legendary Thunderous Light Beascuit:

  • Electric DMG (try to get double or triple Elec. DMG)
  • ATK Speed
  • ATK
  • DMG Reduction

Eager to learn more about other Ranged cookies? You might want to read about the Caramel Arrow Cookie toppings we’ve got!


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