Code Geass Trends Ahead of Attack On Titan’s Finale

Attack On Titan will reach its finale with the release of the final manga this week – and you would think that would be the sole focus of anime/manga fans, at this point. However, the end of Attack On Titan has sparked a new debate: whether or not the completed series can stand against Code Geass. Both series launched in the latter half of the 2000s – although Attack On Titan has no doubt taken a much longer path to reach its end. That said, both series share a lot of similarities, such as the global conflict between warring nations, with those battles resting on giant super-weapons.

However, the main point of fan debate between Attack On Titan and Code Geass seems to be the debate over their respective protagonists, Eren Yeager and Lelouch vi Britannia. See what fans are saying, below:

Comparison OVER

With Attack On Titan now done, fans don’t think there should ever be a comparison between Eren and Lelouch again. 


The Smartest Is…

Fans are all in for the debate over who pulled off the better plan: Eren or Lelouch. Where do you stand? 


Better Ending Is…

The ratios will ultimately tell the tale. 


Don’t Scare Me

Fans who haven’t read Attack On Titan‘s final chapter are now worried AF that they’re going to be let down. 


So Tired Of This…

Then there are the fans who are just tired of having the manga/anime they enjoy pitted against each other. It’s okay to enjoy both Code Geass and Attack On Titan


Eran IS Lelouch

A lot of fans are ultimately seeing echoes of Lelouch in Eren Yeager – but a lot of them also note it’s more of a bootleg version of Lelouch. 


The Deeper One Is…

There are some fans who think that while they may be similar, Erin Yeager’s story was deeper and more profound. 

What say you anime/manga fans? Is Attack on Titan or Code Geass the G.O.A.T.? Read the finale and let us know what you think in the comments. 


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