Check out the future of wireless charging on the Oppo X rollable display phone

There are only a handful phones on the market that offer really fast charging, and the 65W bricks of Oppo and OnePlus are right up there with the best. While not sporting the current 120W charging record, they are still able to fill up phones like the OnePlus 8 Pro or Find X2 Pro for under 40 minutes. 

Oppo took to the stage at the MWC expo in Shanghai today to announce that its VOOC flash charging has been licensed to companies as diverse as Anker and VW. Thus, we may soon be able to both fast-charge our phones with affordable bricks from Anker, and top up with the same whopping speeds in our cars.
What’s even more intriguing is the fast 30W Wireless Air Charging solution from Oppo that tops up your handset seemingly from the ether, similar to what Xiaomi showcased not long ago. 
The cherry on the top, however, is that this freeflow wireless charging was demonstrated on none other than the Oppo X phone with rollable display which is exhibited at the expo booth as a concept device. Color us excited for both upcoming technologies now.

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