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Much like the Souls games and Bloodborne that came before it, Elden Ring has quickly fostered a strong community that never ceases to amaze me with beautiful fan art and, of course, memes and inside jokes about the game. Here are some of the best and funniest posts we’ve seen on r/Eldenring so far.

Do be warned that this article will contain some major plot and character spoilers for the entire game.

No Maidens?

elden ring no maidens meme

One of the earliest jokes that surfaced even before Elden Ring was officially released, you need not look very far on the Elden Ring subreddit to find a “No Maidens?” joke or some sort of maidenless reference. This stems from the No Bitches? meme and it’s quickly taken on a life of its own, especially as characters in-game are constantly commenting on how you’re maidenless during the early hours.

It’s gotten to the point where redditors are now making explainer posts to let newcomers know that when Varre says you’re maidenless, he isn’t making fun of you for not having a girlfriend. So stop killing Varre. Justice for Varre.

Let Me Solo Her

let me solo her artwork

Let Me Solo Her has quickly become one of the biggest legends in the Elden Ring community. This is a player who makes himself available as a summon for the Malenia fight, wearing nothing but a jar on his head and armed with two katanas.

In an impressive display of skill, he requests that the host stands aside while he takes on Malenia alone, and he’s helped quite a few hosts get past this difficulty spike. Redditors have since taken to creating fan art of Let Me Solo Her, and even going so far as to cosplay as his character at conventions.

Anything with Zorayas

elden ring zorayas fan art

The Soulsborne community has never disappointed when it comes to fan art, and the art we’ve seen for Elden Ring so far has been awesome. We get tons of Ranni and Malenia fan art on a daily basis, but we shouldn’t forget Zorayas as well, who’s one of the most likable NPCs in the game and looks absolutely adorable in her snake form.

This cute comic strip features snake Zorayas hanging out with other serpentine foes from other FromSoft games like the giant snake from Sekiro, Mytha from Dark Souls II, Gwyndolin from Dark Souls, and the snake men from Bloodborne. Zorayas deserves all the love.

Hosts Dying in Co-op

elden ring multiplayer

While Elden Ring is predominantly a single-player game, it wouldn’t be half as enjoyable without its multiplayer components. Summoning other players and receiving help is a huge part of the game, and if you’re a summon helping out a host, you’ll never forget that feeling of letting your host down and watching them die right before your eyes.

Or when you get summoned into another world and the host quickly rushes into the boss arena and gets absolutely destroyed before you can ever get in. Oh the humanity!

Which Ending to Go For?

elden ring ending meme flowchart

Let’s be real, the lore of Elden Ring isn’t exactly easy to grasp. And even once you’ve got a good handle on it, there are quite a few different endings you can go for, and they all mean different things.

To help you make a more informed decision on which ending you should do on your next playthrough, reddit user Mr2112 has made a very helpful flowchart detailing the routes you should take depending on how you feel. Very informative and helpful stuff.

Burger King

elden ring sneak king cosplay

Elden Ring is home to many unique and memorable enemies, but the Burger King sorcerers might very well be the most iconic of the bunch. You’ll first encounter them at the Academy of Raya Lucaria (or Sellia, if you opened that chest), and they look absolutely silly at first.

The sorcerers all wear huge masks that look incredibly similar to the King himself from the Burger King game, Sneak King. It didn’t take long for the Elden Ring community to start posting character builds replicating the King fashion, right down to the robe and staff.

Is this the new Giant Dad of Elden Ring?

You Don’t Have the Right, O, You Don’t Have the Right

you don't have the right

This one rivals “No Maidens?” as the funniest inside joke we’ve seen from Elden Ring. The beautiful thing about the message system in FromSoft games is that you have to pick from a bunch of preset templates and words to craft a message of your own, and it didn’t take long for the community to latch on to “You don’t have the right.”

You’ll often see this message at dead ends or locked doors, or in spots where NPCs or other enemies may refuse to interact with or acknowledge you. This popular message quickly evolved into an even longer version of itself when players discovered the “_, O _” template in the message system, and it became “You don’t have the right, O, you don’t have the right. You don’t have the right, O, you don’t have the right.”

It’s absolutely beautiful. It’s a lyrical masterpiece that flows so elegantly that you can’t help but read it to yourself in a singsong voice. And, of course, there are countless “You don’t have the right” posts and memes over on the subreddit, matching the message with various popular meme templates that never fail to get a little chuckle out of me.

Don’t have enough runes to level up? You don’t have the right, O, you don’t have the right. Can’t get past the annoying bubble magic enemies who keep pushing you off the Haligtree? You don’t have the right, O, you don’t have the right. Save data corrupted? You don’t have the right, O, you get the idea.

Is it starting to get old? Maybe a little. But I’ll always upvote these messages when I see them in-game.


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