Best food combos in Valheim for health and stamina


Knowing the best food combos in Valheim for health and stamina is an excellent way to get ahead quickly. Food increases stamina, health, and healing rate. You are able to stack up to three foods to give you three different bonuses. Knowing the best recipes to keep you fighting fit in the Viking netherworld will have you slaying elder gods and building your dream longhouse in no time at all.

Since the latest Hearth and Home update, there have been one or two new recipes added that can be prepared with the all-new cooking stations. With a bit of time and patience, you can acquire all the necessary equipment to build and then cook each of these recipes for the ultimate health, stamina, and healing food combos in Valheim.

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Knowing how to feed yourself the best food combos in Valheim

Feeding yourself in-game might seem like basic knowledge, but little is explained in Valheim, so trial and error seem to usually be the way forward. Check our handy guides here for all the tips and tricks you could need.

The principle is simple: you have three slots, each slot can hold one type of food, you can’t double up on the food, and each slot provides a food bonus. Seems easy, right?

The real trick is ensuring you have the best three foods in your Viking belly before you go out on a big expedition or take on a god. By collecting and preparing foods, you can have the best food combos in Valheim that will provide you with all the stamina and health you need to become an unstoppable, if a little bloated, war machine.

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A lot of the best food combos for health and stamina in Valheim will require advanced buildings and equipment to be crafted before they can be made. By progression through the game, you will slowly unlock more skills, crafting items, and recipes. Ensure you have the necessary levels and equipment before you start collecting the ingredients.

The best food combos in Valheim for health, healing, and stamina

Let’s get into the meat (get it?) of the piece; what is going to keep you fighting fit through the trials of purgatory? This list will show what three items will boost each individual stat the most when combined.

Health (Base 25)

Fish Wraps (70 Health)

  • Barley Four x4, Cooked fish x2
  • Using a rod, catch some fish and grill it up on the cooking station. Then tuck into the Viking classic: fish tacos.

Lox Meat Pie (75 Health)

  • Barley flour x4, Cloudberries x2, Lox meat x2
  • Using a relatively late-game item: the windmill, create barely flour and combine it with the other ingredients in a cauldron to make this pie.

Serpent Stew (80 Health)

  • Cooked serpent meat x1, Honey x2, Mushroom x1
  • Cook the serpent meat on a cooking station then combine it with the other ingredients in a cauldron for a huge health boost. This is one of the best food combos for health in Valheim.

Stamina (Base 50)

Eyescream (65 Stamina)

  • Greydwarf eye x 3, Freeze gland x 1
  • A level-three cauldron and a venture into the mountain biome are needed for this spooky dessert. Wrap up warm before venturing out.

Blood Pudding (70 Stamina)

  • Barley Four x 4, Blood bag x 2, Thistle x 2
  • This unappetizing meal combines the drops from leeches, spikey thistles found in the black forest and swamp biomes, and flour. A windmill and cauldron will be required.

Bread (75 Stamina)

  • Barley Four x 10
  • A late-game recipe that requires a windmill, cauldron, and stone oven to craft. This is one of the best food combos in Valheim for stamina.

Healing Rate

Fish Wraps (4 Healing)

Cooked Lox Meat (4 Healing)

  • Lox can be found in the plains’ biome and tamed. They can also be killed and eaten on a cooking station for that sweet healing rate boost.

Serpent Stew (4 Healing)

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Three-course combo

Using the best health and stamina food combos in Valheim, you can combine up to three meals to superpower your Viking into the well-fed hero he needs to be. You can chop and change between the ones you need, or have to hand, depending on what your plan for the day is.

The time and effort required to get the ingredients and equipment are always worth it when you come up against your next big battle.


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