Atomgrad Raid Guide 2022 – CoD MW2


Welcome to our Atomgrad Raid guide! In this brief walkthrough, you will learn everything about the first raid in Call of Duty franchise history, such as how to solve the puzzles, kill juggernauts, collect rewards, and get 3 stars efficiently. Our CoD team researched and made a step-by-step guide for all MW2 raid steps.

To be able to run Atomgrad Raid, players must earn an assignment through the other CoD game modes.

Finding a squad for the Atomgrad is mandatory since the raid doesn’t have a matchmaking system. To ensure you have the best raiding experience, you should team up with players you know, as Atomgrad is focused on Co-Op, requiring continuous communication, coordination, and a well-defined strategy.

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How to unlock the Atomgrad raid? (MW2 Raid Assignment)

To unlock the Atomgrad Raid assignment, you must complete one of the three specific achievements in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, WarZone 2.0, or DMZ mode.

The methods for earning the raid assignments (keys) are:

  • CoD MW2: Complete a Daily Challenge ( Multiplayer or Special Ops mode).
  • CoD WZ2: Finish a Battle Royale match in the top 20 players.
  • CoD DMZ: Exfill $30k Cash using the final helicopter.

The key is available for seven days (one week), and if one of the squad members has an active assignment, the whole team can access the Atomgrad raid. Unlocking Atomgrad is a straightforward process, so players will quickly enter the raid, but after that, the real challenge begins.

How to prepare for the Atomgrad raid

You cannot go through much preparation before heading up to Atomgrad Raid since you can’t enter with your weapons, loadouts, or operators. You start with default equipment, but there is something that you can do before starting the raid to help your team and benefit from some bonus features.

To prepare for the Atomgrad run, players can level up their Spec Ops Tier Kits. There are 3 kits available:

  • Assault Kit
  • Medic Kit
  • Recon Kit

The maximum level you can reach for your Spec Ops Kits is Tier 10, and reaching the max tier provides tremendous advantages to your raiding team. The following list contains the advantage each tier 1 kit gives you:

  • Tier 1 Assault Kit – You can carry three armor plates instead of two, and Armor Box Field Upgrade is unlocked, providing armor plates to your teammates every 2 minutes.
  • Tier 1 Medic Kit – You can revive your team 2x faster. Revive Pistol Field Upgrade is unlocked, providing instant ranged revive every minute.
  • Tier 1 Recon Kit – Snapshot Pulse Field Upgrade is unlocked, and you can highlight the enemies close to you every minute.

Note: We highly recommend improving at least one of your Spec Ops Kits before attempting to run the Atomgrad raid.

Atomgrad Raid Completion (step-by-step)

In the following section of our guide, we will walk you through the process of completing the Atomgrad Raid. We have broken down the steps into simple and easy-to-follow instructions, so by using our tips & tricks, you will be able to successfully reach the finish line of the first episode of the MW2 raid.

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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Call of Duty player, this guide is designed to help you outcome the Atomgrad raid. Let’s get started!

CoD Raid Map

There is no Raid map available for players during the Atomgrad run, so your squad must find its way through the maze-like bunker, completing puzzles and finding power sources to open doors while defeating the enemy waves that keep spawning to block your way.

Open Submarine Doors (First Puzzle)

During the first phase of the Atomgrad raid, you will have a warm-up with some enemies. You have to clear the area and advance to the first step, the Submarine doors. You must coordinate with your squad to decipher the codes to open the door. We elaborated a step-by-step Submarine Doors puzzle-solving walkthrough:

  • A squad member must access the 2nd room to use the surveillance system, while the others must stay in the 1st room, read the code on the red screen and input the numbers in the machine.
  • A player has to look at the Russian Alphabet Machine to get the symbols you need to decode.
  • The 2nd player must use the surveillance system to analyze the number correspondence between letters and numbers.
  • The 3rd player must input the three-digit code into the machine.
  • You must switch roles after each successful attempt (there are three codes), so each player inputs a code.
  • After solving the puzzle, Submarine doors are unlocked, and you can advance to the next encounter.

The Underwater Maze

In the 2nd phase, you will have to find your way through a flooded area, passing an oxygen tank around, so everyone gets out alive. If the player that has the O2 tank dies, the team will be revived at the last checkpoint (safe area).

At a certain point, you will have to coordinate with your teammates to hold a door open (by pressing the red button) while passing the oxygen tank till everyone reaches the other side. You will head to a safe area, where you will find a suppressed pistol (only pistols can shoot underwater).

Along the way to the next objective, players must carefully swim to avoid the explosives in the water until they reach a hole with an explosive trap they can shoot.

Cross the hole to reach the next safe zone, which marks an intermediary encounter.

The Power Generator

The Power Generator phase is a mini-puzzle that can be solved fast if you communicate with your squad and work as a team.

There are some steps you can follow to efficiently turn on the power and open the door to the next phase:

  • One team member must find the power generator and turn it on.
  • 2nd player must press the red button and hold it so the 3rd can pass through the door.
  • The 3rd player has to hold the door open from the other side until the others cross the area.

Note: You should place pings to find your way easier through this area.

Clear out the armory

The Atomgrad armory is the next encounter of the raid. First, your squad will head to a safe area where you will find top-tier weapons and lots of equipment. Each player should build a loadout and prepare for the enemy waves they will face along the way.

The objective of this step is to eliminate all the enemy waves. There will be many enemy soldiers, some in regular equipment and others in armor. You will also face two powerful Juggernauts you must defeat. Use tactical equipment and focus on headshots.

After clearing each room in the armory, you will get to a green room, the next safe area, and access the next Atomgrad Raid objective.

Move through the Vents

This objective is quick and straightforward. You have to walk through the vents until you reach a safe spot and get to a flooded area that you pass and investigate.

Investigate the Flooded Tunnels

Enemy forces seize the flooded tunnels. Your squad must advance through the tunnels and kill all the soldiers that come in their way. At a certain point in this area, you will find two computers, guarded by many soldiers and Juggernauts, that you must defeat to gain access to the Cypher puzzle.

The Cypher Puzzle (Final Puzzle)

The Cypher puzzle works like the 1st puzzle in Atomgrad raid, but it’s way more challenging and time-gated. Solving the 2nd puzzle allows you to open the Keypad Blast Doors, completing Episode 1 of the MW2 raid.

We made a walkthrough to ease your way through the Atomgrad Cypher puzzle:

  • A player has to activate the receiver computer, the second player goes to the red room, and the other squad member goes to the blue room.
  • Players in the red & blue rooms must read out the numbers connected to each letter while fighting the enemy waves and bomb drones.
  • The team must decipher Russian letters that show up on a red screen and input them into the number machine. You have 40 seconds until the code sequence resets.
  • You must input three sets of codes, and squad members must rotate roles. The final code has only 25 seconds and more powerful enemies.
  • After inputting the last code, a timer shows up in the corner of your screen until the gate opens.

Note: Strategically place the sentry gun & mines to defend you from enemies and drones.

Defend the Keypad Blast Doors (the final wave)

After inputting the 3rd keycode, you must wait for the Blast doors to open. The timer is 4 minutes. During this time, your squad must regroup in front of the gate and defend it from the enemy waves that keep coming.

Note: Remember to refill your armor plates, plant proximity mines, and take a strategic position.

After the timer runs out, the squad must clear the area, kill the remaining enemies, and regroup at the Blast Doors, and the first Atomgrad episode is over.

CoD MW2 Raid Juggernauts

The Juggernauts are elite enemies in the Atomgrad raid and are tough to kill. They wear heavy armor and carry a minigun, so you should play it safe when facing them through encounters.

We have some pieces of advice to help you defeat the Atomgrad Juggernauts easily:

  • Throw grenades and place mines when you have the chance.
  • Keep moving. Juggernauts are slow but strong. Fight from a distance.
  • Shoot directly to the head.
  • Focus on teamwork.
  • Pick the minigun from the first Juggernaut you kill. It will help defeat the next ones.

Atomgrad Raid intel fragment locations

Such as Call of Duty MW2, the Atomgrad raid has 20 intel fragments hidden around. You can find them during runs, and it may be a challenging achievement to locate them all.

Atomgrad Raid Difficulty and Length

Atomgrad raid can be played on two difficulties: Normal mode and Veteran. Depending on your experience, try both, and collect all associated rewards. In the following section, you will find the differences between Normal and Veteran Atomgrad Raid in Call of Duty.

Normal vs Veteran mode

Now let’s analyze the differences between the difficulties available for the Atomgrad raid. Both modes, Normal and Veteran, are challenging, offering unique gameplay experiences.

Normal Atomgrad is pretty straightforward once you know what to do and your squad is ready. On the other hand, the Veteran mode is a more challenging version, with the same encounters but a more aggressive AI, shorter time limits, and more complicated puzzles.

The differences between Normal and Veteran raids are:

  • Normal difficulty is designed for all players since Veteran is made for the try-hard CoD players.
  • Veteran-mode AI enemies are more brutal, and the waves include more soldiers.
  • You have limited revives in Veteran mode and less air in the oxygen tank, so you must move quickly underwater. Also, the Underwater Maze encounter in Veteran mode is time-gated.
  • In the last puzzle, you have a more comprehensive range of Russian letters to decipher.

The Veteran mode becomes available only after a successful raid completion on normal difficulty. Both modes provide their own set of specific rewards, but some rewards can be earned regardless of the difficulty. Players’ preferences will depend on their playstyle, skills, and team capabilities.

Note: We advise you to complete the normal Atomgrad version several times so you and your squad get more familiar with each encounter, make your strategy and learn the raid map.

Raid 3 Stars Completion

You can finish it slower or quicker, depending on your experience in Atomgrad raid. Relying on your completion time, you get 1, 2, or 3 stars at the end of the raid, which shows your proficiency as a CoD player. The time required to achieve each star is:

  • 1 star: No specific completion time is required.
  • 2 stars: 60 minutes or less.
  • 3 stars: under 40 minutes completion.

 MW2 Atomgrad Raid Rewards

In this section, we will discuss the various rewards available in Call of Duty’s Atomgrad raid. These rewards include operator skins, emblems, player cards, loading screens, and weapon blueprints. Below, we outline the different types of rewards available in MW2 raid and how to obtain them.

Atomgrad Raid Loot

We designed an Atomgrad loot table, so you can check items that can be obtained along the raid as random drops and guaranteed rewards:


How to get it?

Convoy Skin (for Gaz Operator) Complete Atomgrad Raid (any difficulty)
The Punchline Blueprint Completed Atomgrad Raid on Veteran difficulty
Grass Ops Skin (for Gaz Operator) Purchase the Raid Bundle and complete Atomgrad
Emblems: Gaz & Eye on the Prize  

Random drop in Atomgrad (any difficulty)

Loading Screens: Gaz & Price
Player Cards: Gaz’s Gaze & Forest Pirce
Enforcer Blueprint

 Atomgrad Raid Blueprints

Blueprints are ready-to-use weapons equipped with attachments that grant unique bonuses and functionalities. The blueprints you can get from Atomgrad raid are Enforcer and the Punchline.

Enforcer Blueprint (Kastov 762):

The Enforcer is a Kastov 762 blueprint that can be randomly found in Atomgrad raid, on any difficulty.

The attachments the Enforcer comes with are:

  • Muzzle: FR Titan Silencer
  • Barrel: IG-K30 406mm
  • Underbarrel: Bruen Tilt Grip
  • Stock: FT Tac-Elite
  • Optic: Aim OP-V4

The Punchline Blueprint (Bryson 800)

The Punchline is a Bryson 800 blueprint that can be randomly acquired by running the Atomgrad raid on Veteran difficulty. It is a Bryson 800 customized by MACK8 Armory. It doesn’t have any specific attachments added, so it shares the stats of its base weapon, but the Punchline works great and looks clean. Getting this shotgun blueprint would be an excellent achievement for your weapons collection.


Our guide covers all you need to know about Episode 1 of the Atomgrad raid in Call of Duty, such as difficulties, rewards, and even particularities like juggernauts and blueprints. Now you are ready to beat Atomgrad and have a smooth journey through all encounters, easily defeat enemies, and efficiently solve the puzzles along the way.

This article holistically covers the 1st Episode of the MW2 raid. Still, as far as we know, Activision plans to continue the story with up to four more episodes, releasing one for each upcoming season. We will return with guides for each raid episode as soon as they are launched. Until the next Atomgrad episode, we hope you found our guide useful and your way through the raid will be easy and rewarding!

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